From the very first meeting with Dr. Kissel, I knew that I had found the right expert to do my periodontal work. Dr. Kissel was already familiar with my mouth/teeth/gums even before our first meeting. It was evident that he had studied my xrays and files at length before my initial consultation; at that time he examined my mouth for a significant period of time and spent alot of time just thinking and considering the different ways that the work could be approached. He is gentle and has a wonderful sense of humor – which greatly helped me relax. I spent 5 hours in the chair having tissue taken from my palette and grafted onto my gums – the only painful part was that my back started to ache ! My healing time was good, especially considering how much work was done. No one would ever even know that I have had surgery – the result is perfect! I would recommend Dr. Kissel without reservation.