Dental Implants in NYC


Dental implants through microsurgery comfortably replace teeth without the trauma of major incisions, pain, and the recovery period that accompany traditional surgical methods. When using microsurgery, Dr. Kissel replaces teeth without major incisions, utilizing a microscope for greater visibility and using highly sophisticated, customized micro-instruments to create very small openings. This allows him to operate without disturbing sensitive tissue, muscle, and nerves, resulting in more comfort during the procedure and less recovery time. Unlike traditional techniques, the surrounding gum tissue will appear normal after the surgery because of the limited incisions and trauma that microscopic instruments create.

Advantages of Dental Implant Microsurgery

  • Optimum visibility & precise positioning
  • Better fit & more esthetically pleasing
  • Smaller surgical incisions & openings
  • Less pulling of tissue flaps & stitches
  • Reduced pain, trauma, swelling & bleeding
  • Faster recovery & less complication risks
  • Safer with a proven approach using local anesthesia

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Safe & compatible – Made from titanium that integrates easily with bone & tissue
  • Strong & durable – Done correctly, dental implants will last a life time
  • Enhanced function – dental implants function as your natural teeth with a secure infrastructure
  • Improved dental hygiene – Just brush & floss as with natural teeth
  • Healthier tooth structure – No support or destruction of adjacent teeth required
  • Allows the ability to eat virtually anything – No irritation or inflammation
  • Complete confidence when smiling & speaking – No shifting or metal clasps
  • Preserves facial structure by preventing bone loss & can stimulate bone growth
  • Eliminates the need for removable dentures & bridges

Advantages of Using Dr. Kissel for Dental Implants


  • Recognized by the ADA as a Dental Implant Specialist (General Dentists are not)
  • Dedicated solely to surgery, continued surgical education & hands-on training
  • Expertise in the finite structures of sinus lift procedures as well as soft & hard tissue grafting
  • Extensive experience reconstructing ailing dental implants & maintaining dental implants
  • Highly equipped & experienced to handle any serious complications that may arise

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