Meet the Staff

Martina brings to the practice over 20 years of dental experience, having held various clinical and business office positions. Martina enjoys working in dentistry and always looks forward to meeting and taking care of our wonderful patients. She believes that all of our patients should have the best experience and feel at ease when they visit our office.

Kemba has been in dentistry for 9 years as an assistant. Kemba works closely with Dr. Kissel to help provide quality, comfortable care to our patients. Kemba enjoys the opportunity help patients improve their dental and periodontic health. She loves getting to know our patients and making them feel at home. Most of her time away from the office is spent with her beautiful daughter. She also enjoys dancing, movies and spending time with good friends.

Angie’s background in dentistry has allowed her to excel as a dental assistant and business staff. Her focus on patient comfort allows her to provide excellent treatment and support. She enjoys working in the dental field for the purpose of improving patient’s overall health. Angie loves exploring the city and spending time with family and friends.

After years of experience in the dental field, Carly remains enthusiastic about helping patients with their oral health. She gets great pleasure when demonstrating, communicating, and connecting the dots for the patients. When not working, Carly is studying to achieve an advanced degree, enjoys running and exercise, and the company of family and friends.