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“Dear Dr. Kissel, I never, ever thought I would be writing to tell you that getting implants under your care was one of the easiest and least complicated procedures I could imagine. I came to your office with concern and trepidation, and left smiling, with no pain, no swelling and no recovery time. Even with one of the implants requiring a substantial sinus lift and quite a few hours in your chair, the next day I was completely pain free and there was not even a trace of swelling. I don’t know how you do what you do, but it must either be magic, or more likely, your exquisite training and diligent research that allowed at least this patient to think that getting an implant is truly no big deal. I thank you for your talent and your good care.” Best, Robin Janis

“Dr. Kissel completed a complex tooth extraction and bone grafting using a surgical microscope. I was delighted that I had no pain nor swelling during the treatment or after it’s completion. I would enthusiastically recommend dr. Kissel after my very pleasant experience.”

“Dr. Kissel is superb. He has completed a number of procedures to restore my gums. Each time, the procedure was close to painless and there was very little discomfort afterwards. He is truly expert at pain management, better than any dentist. Most important, the results of the surgeries were excellent. My gums are now as good as new. I couldn’t be more pleased. And he has a wonderful patient manner. Very pleasant and yet very informative and responsive.”

“From the very first meeting with Dr. Kissel, I knew that I had found the right expert to do my periodontal work. Dr. Kissel was already familiar with my mouth/teeth/gums even before our first meeting. It was evident that he had studied my xrays and files at length before my initial consultation; at that time he examined my mouth for a significant period of time and spent alot of time just thinking and considering the different ways that the work could be approached. He is gentle and has a wonderful sense of humor – which greatly helped me relax. I spent 5 hours in the chair having tissue taken from my palette and grafted onto my gums – the only painful part was that my back started to ache ! My healing time was good, especially considering how much work was done. No one would ever even know that I have had surgery – the result is perfect! I would recommend Dr. Kissel without reservation.”