All-on-4® Treatment New York City

Dental12If you need an entire mouthful of teeth replaced with dental implants, then you’ve come to the right place. Over the past decade, dental implant technology has evolved to make it easier and faster for patients just like you to receive a total smile makeover. The solution is All on 4® dental implants, and they allow New York periodontist Dr. Kissel to give you an entire mouthful of dental implants while using only 4 titanium rods per upper or lower bridge

The adjacent image shows how this technology works. The reason only 4 implants can be used to replace all of a patient’s upper teeth is that 2 of those implants are:

  • Tilted backward to avoid the patient’s sinus cavity
  • Longer than the other 2 implants, so that, working together, all 4 dental implants can provide the stability needed to support all of the teeth in the upper jaw

Together, these two factors eliminate the need to have an implant placed for every tooth that will be placed, too.

The same technology is also replicated for replacing all the teeth in the lower jaw: 4 implants total, with two longer and tilted implants strategically place to provide the necessary support for the patient’s teeth.

What Can All on 4® Patients Expect?

The first step to ensuring this solution is right for you is having a dental CT scan and diagnostic work performed. After all, Dr. Kissel needs to make sure his New York City patients are eligible candidates for the procedure, or if they need a pre-procedure, such as a sinus lift, first.

When it comes to designing your new pearly whites, know that they’ll be unique to you. Digital planning software is used to create custom-made, realistic-looking tooth crowns for every patient. This allows Dr. Kissel to have all the teeth he needs available for placement on one surgery day.

Finding Out if All on 4® Treatment is Right for You

Whether you know all your teeth need to be replaced due to functional issues, or you want a total smile makeover, Dr. Kissel is the best dental implant surgeon in New York City to do the job. To get his advice on your specific case and find out if All on 4® treatment is right for you, schedule an appointment today by calling (212) 702-9088.

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