Benefits of LANAP®

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Protocol (LANAP®) is the latest laser gum surgery treatment for NYC residents suffering from gum disease and periodontal disease. LANAP® laser gum surgery with Dr. Scott Kissel is fast becoming the choice of treatment for NYC gum disease patients because of its gentle, minimally invasive approach which results in regeneration of the supporting structures of the tooth.

Benefits of laser treatment for NYC patients with gum disease:

Less discomfort, inflammation and bleeding.  With laser gum surgery, there are no incisions involved. A laser is used to eliminate bacteria without harming the healthy tissue in your mouth. Dr. Kissel offers the FDA-approved PerioLase® MVP-7™ which eliminates 90 percent of the inflammation. That means little to no bleeding gums and no stitches to worry about. A local anesthetic is all that is necessary during laser gum surgery.

  • Recovery is fast. Since laser gum surgery is minimally invasive and less traumatizing to the gums, the body can heal faster. Many patients are back at work and play in less than a day.
  • Minimal gum recession. Laser gum surgery is precise. It targets bacteria and diseased gum tissue. There is minimal gum recession because there are no incisions. Traditional treatment for NYC gum disease can lower the gum line significantly, causing cosmetic concerns and potential dental problems in the future.
  • Regenerates bone and saves teeth. A primary reason patients seek laser treatment for gum disease in Dr. Kissel’s NYC office is because this treatment can regenerate bone and save teeth. Histological studies and the clinical results of numerous patients show that laser gum surgery not only removes bacteria but stimulates new bone growth around existing teeth.
  • It’s safe. The laser gum surgery Dr. Kissel performs is FDA-approved and supported by medical research to be a safe and effective treatment for NYC gum disease and rarely if ever interferes with other health problems patients may have or medications they may take.

The choice is easy. Laser gum surgery with Dr. Kissel is today’s preferred alternative for treating gum disease in New York City. Call us today for a laser gum surgery consultation.