Metal Free Dental Implants New York City

New York City’s very own Dr. Kissel has helped several New Yorkers from all the 5 Boroughs by placing dental implants. These men and women – who for one reason or another were missing teeth or had teeth that were diseased or badly decayed and needed extraction – now have healthier, brighter smiles.

But despite Dr. Kissel’s specialized skill in placing implants using microsurgery techniques that makes the process smoother, more precise, and easier to heal from, implants have been out of reach for some New York City residents because they were made with titanium.

Men and women with metal sensitivities, or who would simply prefer a metal-free option for replacing their teeth, haven’t been able to benefit from implants – until now.

Dr. Kissel is proud to offer New York City residents with a metal-free solution by placing ceramic dental implants in the mouths of patients who desire them.

What are Ceramic Dental Implants?

Ceramic dental implants are comprised of the same components as their more often used, titanium counterparts. They include:

  • An all-zirconia implant that is placed in your jaw to fuse with your jawbone tissue
  • An abutment, with which your tooth crown will be screwed in
  • A realistic-looking tooth crown that allows you to chew and eat anything you want

The key difference in ceramic implants is that they are metal-free, which makes this popular tooth replacement system available to patients who previously couldn’t choose them due to their metal sensitivities.

The Importance of Being Metal-Free

New York City patients with metal sensitivities know all too well the importance of avoiding metals. The condition – which truly is an allergic reaction to metal – requires patients to avoid contact with metal altogether, including jewelry like earrings and necklaces. When people who have a metal sensitivity are exposed to it, they can experience a variety of symptoms, including rashes, swelling, muscle pain, and fatigue.

Ceramic Dental Implants: The Metal-Free Solution

When you choose implants that are made of a ceramic material (all-zirconia, to be exact), you’re getting the exact same benefits of titanium implants, without the metal. Your biocompatible ceramic implants will fuse with your jawbone tissue and provide a long-lasting tooth replacement system, which depending on how well you care for them, may last for decades or even for the rest of your life.*

How Many Teeth Can Be Supported by Ceramic Dental Implants?

Currently, ceramic implants are designed to support one tooth. In some cases, they may be able to support multiple teeth (such as a bridge of crowns). The ability of a ceramic implant to support multiple teeth is dependent on a variety of factors that only New York City periodontist Dr. Kissel can determine after a thorough examination.

Ceramic Implants + Dr. Kissel’s Specialized Microsurgical Techniques

Not only is Dr. Kissel one of the few periodontists in the city to offer a metal-free option for dental implants, but he’s also among the few who are trained in microsurgery.

Microsurgery uses microscopes and microscopic surgical instruments during the placement of your implants so that you have extremely smaller incisions made and the implants can be inserted more precisely. This provides patients with both a better surgical and healing process.

Add in the fact that Dr. Kissel is now offering a metal-free option for dental implants, and you can see how patients who may have never been eligible for this tooth replacement system before now have access to them thanks to Dr. Kissel’s efforts to use the latest technologies to help more residents in the city attain the healthy smiles they desire.

Make Sure to Mention You Want Ceramic Implants When You Schedule Your Consultation

If you’d like to consider having ceramic implants placed, make sure to specify this preference when you call our practice so we can allocate the proper amount of time for your one-on-one appointment with periodontist Dr. Kissel.

During this appointment, Dr. Kissel will listen as you describe your problem areas and concerns, examine your mouth, and take dental x-rays. Advanced images may be taken either at this initial appointment or at a future pre-op appointment in order to help Dr. Kissel plan for your surgery.

To get scheduled, simply call our practice today at (212) 702-9088.

*Individual results may vary.