Microscopic Periodontics New York City

For many years, I had not felt the need for a surgical microscope and microscopic techniques.  I thought I provided excellent care without these tools.  It was not until I was exposed to a small group of periodontists in California, Germany and Italy that I realized I could be providing a higher level of care with more predictable results.  These practitioners consistently showed exceptional results with fast healing and little to no discomfort.  I then began the continual journey to educate myself in microscopic care.

Microscopic care has created a transformation in my practice. As the saying goes: you cannot treat what you cannot see.  The microscope provides greater magnification and illumination therefore leading to more predictable and minimally invasive care.

The advantages of the microscope have led to the development of smaller instruments and smaller treatment areas.  Many of our instruments and materials are used by eye surgeons.  No longer are large surgical sites necessary for treatment.

Since microscopic care has the advantage of treating through small spaces, this has resulted in little to no discomfort for our patients after treatment.  To our surprise, we never expected patients to be thrilled with surgical care!

Microscopic periodontics and dental implant care do not compete with traditional methods of treatment.  It is an evolution in care and I am excited to be able to provide this service to our New York City patients.

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