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“From the very first meeting with Dr. Kissel, I knew that I had found the right expert to do my periodontal work. Dr. Kissel...” - Reviews
“Dr. Kissel is superb. He has completed a number of procedures to restore my gums. Each time, the procedure was close to painless and...” - Reviews

Dr. Kissel’s Specialties

Personalized Solutions

Whether you need to replace a single tooth or completely restore your smile, Dr. Kissel will create personalized, long-term solutions to help you achieve your goals for overall health, appearance and well-being. His compassionate nature will make you feel comfortable discussing any concerns, from fear of losing a tooth, to phobias, to being unable to afford proper care in the past. He and his staff seek only to help, heal and educate.

Dental Implants New York City

Dr. Kissel takes dental implant treatment to another level.
Dr. Kissel does everything possible to save natural teeth but if a tooth cannot be saved, he utilizes microsurgery for minimally invasive tooth removal and same-day implants with the renowned SMILE Technique.

Aesthetic Procedures

The exceptional precision that is possible with the minimally invasive microscopic techniques that Dr. Kissel utilizes for periodontal plastic surgery provide superior aesthetic results compared to other methods of smile enhancement and aesthetic tissue sculpting.

Advanced Periodontics New York City & Manhattan

Innovative, advanced periodontal procedures are a hallmark of the practice. Dr. Kissel has developed skilled surgery combining the microscope with the LANAP laser, as well as the Pinhole Technique, to maximize treatment results. Our perioscope also allows us to view underneath gums without surgery or stitching.

Dental Implants & Periodontics in New York City

Dr. Kissel doing pinhole surgery photo

Why Should You Choose Scott O. Kissel, DMD??

It is rare to find a specialist with experience in restorative dentistry and Periodontics in New York City, who is also accomplished in advanced microsurgery, laser therapy and dental implants. Dr. Kissel’s unique background, extensive expertise and exceptional diagnostic skills provide patients with innovative treatment that is personalized, aesthetically superior and virtually pain free.

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Dr. Kissel’s Credentials:

  • Board Certified Specialist in Periodontics
  • One of only a handful of specialists in the country trained in microsurgical techniques for Periodontics and Advanced Dental Implants
  • The only specialist in New York providing SMILE Technique Implants and the innovative Microscopic Pinhole Technique
  • Expertise in complex aesthetics, smile enhancement, and complicated full-mouth rehabilitation, with advanced training in oral sedation for patient comfort

No Judgment Zone

Dr. Kissel and his staff hold no judgments and realize that patients may have a dental phobia due to a previous frightening or painful experience or may be embarrassed because at an earlier time in their life they could not afford proper care. Some patients may have given up hope, unaware of the advances that modern reconstructive periodontics can do to bring back a healthy smile. Dr. Kissel and his staff are very compassionate and seek only to help, heal and educate.

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