New Periodontal Technology

Perioscope Treatment in New York City

perioscopeI have recently incorporated the newest model of the Perioscope into the practice. This is another non-surgical device used in the treatment of periodontal disease. Perioscopy is a nonsurgical procedure that allows us to treat and diagnose areas below the gum line by using advanced video, lighting, and magnification technology. In many circumstances, it can also avert the need for surgery. The miniature dental endoscope displays a magnified image (24-48x) on a video screen, allowing us to see the tartar on the root. We can then precisely and proficiently remove the tartar. The ultimate goal of this minimally invasive procedure is to get the root of the tooth exceptionally clean and reduce the advancement of periodontal disease. 

The Benefits of Perioscopy

Perioscopy is of great benefit to our New York City patients. Traditional scaling and root planning is a blind procedure! We are not able to see the tartar on the root. I don’t know of any other procedure in medicine or dentistry that is performed without vision. The research shows that after typical scaling and root planning (without the Perioscope), about 47% of the tooth surfaces still have tartar. This significantly limits the goal of non-surgical pocket reduction and generally leads to the recommendation for surgical treatment. Traditional surgical techniques often result in significant gum tissue recession, loss of gum tissue between teeth (often unsightly and a food trap), and root sensitivity.

I have had great success using a minimally invasive approach to treat advanced periodontal disease. Using high magnification for vision; Perioscope or Microscope, combined with laser periodontal treatment (Periolase), I am able to achieve pocket elimination and oral health. Many New York City patients come to our practice for a second opinion regarding their diagnosis of periodontal disease. They are often surprised that their condition can be treated non-surgically and also result in tooth retention.

perioscopy-before perioscopy-during perioscopy-after

The images above show the precision the Perioscope offers during periodontal procedures.

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