Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Scott O. Kissel

NYC Periodontist - Dr. Scott Kissel

In New York City, dental implant and periodontal patients have an impressive array of options for specialty treatment. Dr. Scott O. Kissel stands out among his colleagues for many reasons, including: 


  • Dr. Kissel’s background offers a distinct advantage. His experience as a general dentist empowers him with a comprehensive understanding of oral health, leading to more holistic treatment plans for his patients.
  •  Dr. Kissel is a champion for patient outcomes. He tirelessly champions advancements in periodontics and dental implants, ensuring his patients receive the most innovative and effective care available.
  • He genuinely cares about his patients’ health and comfort. Consequently, every aspect of the practice has been designed to provide the best experience possible.
  • He is a Board-Certified periodontist with advanced training in dental implants, laser surgery, and dental microsurgery procedures.

From an emphasis on pain-free procedures and less-invasive methods to amenities that make you feel comfortable in the office, you will immediately notice the difference when you select Dr. Kissel for your treatment.

Training & Experience

He is one of a few dentists in the world who belonged to a unique microsurgical study club where he continuously improved his skills. The founder of Periodontal Microsurgery, Dr. Dennis Shanelec, headed this study group.


Dr. Kissel also regularly lectures around the country and has written many articles for well-referred journals. Additionally, he contributed to a chapter in Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology textbook, which is considered the most definitive and widely used textbook for both classrooms and clinical practices. 

Committed to Advanced Care & Technology

Understanding that dental anxiety is a common concern, Dr. Kissel relentlessly pursues the most cutting-edge treatments and technologies. His dedication minimizes patient discomfort and fosters a positive dental experience.

Dr. Kissel utilizes:

  • Techniques that provide better precision, comfort, and results.
  • Microscopic technology that provides higher visibility and precision, reducing trauma and healing time and improving aesthetic results.
  • 3D imaging for diagnosis and computer-guided dental implant surgery, including All-on-4 Dental Implants ®.
  • The SMILE Technique Implants that provide the most lifelike, natural-looking results available in implant dentistry. Dr. Kissel is the only periodontist in New York City, and one of a handful of periodontists in the country, who offer this innovative procedure.
  • LANAP ® laser surgery to target tissue and bacteria more effectively. This technique doesn’t require traditional incisions. Dr. Kissel’s office is unique in that a microscope is used which results in better outcomes and less chance of future surgeries.
  • Piezo surgery instead of a drill for many aspects of surgery, resulting in less trauma to the tissue.
  • The Perioscope to view underneath the gums without surgery and the pain and downtime of stitching.

Prioritizing Patient Comfort

Dr. Kissel provides a variety of amenities and resources to make your experience in the office more comfortable and relaxing.


Dr. Kissel uses:

  • Tempur-Pedic ® dental chairs, a selection of movies, and your choice of music, which combined with a beautiful view of Midtown Manhattan, will help you relax throughout treatment.
  • The Wand ®. This is an atraumatic, computer-assisted local anesthetic delivery system that Dr. Kissel uses to ensure patient comfort.
  • Oral sedation that can make your treatment more comfortable for patients. Any anxiety will be acknowledged and appropriately addressed, resulting in a comfortable appointment. Dr. Kissel is certified in oral sedation by DOCS Education.

Personal Life

Dr. Kissel is a proud father of two sons. In his free time, Dr. Kissel enjoys playing tennis, riding horses and being actively engaged in fitness activities. Dr. Kissel is also an avid car enthusiast.

Whether your general dentist has referred you, or you are exploring the practice independently, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation so that you can experience the difference Dr. Kissel offers by calling (212) 702-9088.