Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Scott O. Kissel

Tooth Extraction

Before you make the decision to have a tooth extraction, we recommend meeting with an experienced periodontist. Dr. Scott Kissel uses a conservative approach to guide tooth extraction patients through a comprehensive diagnosis. Often, he can help you preserve teeth that have decay and or bone loss (periodontal disease). In cases that do require tooth extraction, he conducts procedures using gentle and accurate microsurgical techniques.

Comparing Typical and Advanced Tooth Extraction Methods

Almost all teeth can be removed without cutting the gum tissue and with little pressure exerted on the surrounding bone, gum, or adjacent teeth. However, traditional tooth extraction often uses gum and/or bone surgery to pull out the tooth. These approaches are faster, but they can cause pain, more complex reconstruction, and a lengthier recovery.


Dr. Kissel supports tooth extraction patients with an advanced microsurgical approach. He employs increased magnification, illumination, smaller instruments, and Piezosurgery technology, which is atraumatic to hard tissue while leaving soft tissue untouched. Better vision also allows him to reshape the tooth root and remove it with less trauma. As a result, you can expect little-to-no pain and swelling.

Benefits of Microsurgical Tooth Extraction

By utilizing microsurgical instruments and techniques, Dr. Kissel offers patients:


  • An approach that doesn’t cause trauma to adjacent bone, gum, and teeth.
  • Greater comfort during and after surgery.
  • A faster recovery. You can expect to return to normal activities the same day.
  • Less need for sedation.


Dr. Kissel’s skill, precision, and experience help you avoid the most difficult part of extraction while still removing damaged or decaying teeth.

What Can Tooth Extraction Patients Expect?

If Dr. Kissel believes that your teeth can be preserved, he will use bone regeneration procedures to reconstruct the lost bone supporting the tooth.


If you require tooth extraction, Dr. Kissel will:


  • Numb the area completely with local anesthesia. He uses the Wand® anesthetic injection, which many of our patients describe as virtually pain-free.
  • Section or reshape the tooth if it cannot be removed in one piece, which is often the case. This results in an easier tooth removal.
  • Apply microsurgical and Piezosurgery techniques. These create a small space between the root and bone for conducting the extraction, and they offer greater precision and cause less trauma.


Because of the low-impact approach microsurgery offers, you can expect to be back to normal activities after your procedure, managing any discomfort with Advil, Tylenol, or another over-the-counter medication.

Tooth extraction patients don’t need to experience pain, trauma, or an extended recovery. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Kissel by calling 212-702-9088 or contact us online and schedule your consultation today!