Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Scott O. Kissel

Dental Microsurgery

Dental microsurgery is one of the most precise and effective techniques available in periodontology today. With the high level of training and expertise required to perform microsurgery, not many periodontists have the skills necessary to perform it successfully. However, Dr. Scott Kissel has been through rigorous training and has performed microsurgery on hundreds of patients. This training and his high level of expertise make him the premier choice for those seeking dental microsurgery.

Patients can benefit from dental microsurgery when they need a bone grafting procedure, dental implants or simply a deep cleaning of their teeth. Most patients value the non-invasive and precise results of microsurgery procedures.

Benefits of Dental Microsurgery

When compared to traditional periodontal techniques, dental microsurgery offers many benefits. These include:

  • Comfort. Using smaller and more accurate instruments, patients will experience less trauma to the surgical site than using traditional techniques. Traditional techniques and instruments can either result in performing surgery when its not warranted, or in more invasive surgery which will create larger surgical sites as instrument size dictates surgical decisions. The exact opposite happens with microsurgery, with greater knowledge obtained through magnification non -surgical or minimally invasive surgery results in less trauma to the mouth. The comfort starts from the moment a patient walks into Dr. Kissel’s office and lasts through the entire recovery phase.
  • Precision. With traditional surgery, you need to be as precise as possible to limit discomfort and improve aesthetics. However, using a microscope, Dr. Kissel is able to see up to 26 times more than he can with his eyes. The enhanced field of view allows Dr. Kissel to see more clearly and helps provide more knowledge about the surgical site. With greater knowledge, the exam, diagnosis and treatments are more accurate, comprehensive and more appropriately executed. Most importantly, microsurgery significantly reduces the risk of complications, since the better one can see, the more knowledge one acquires resulting in careful manipulation of tissues and critical anatomy.
  • Aesthetics. Periodontist Dr. Kissel strives to create a natural-looking appearance for each of his patients, and because of the heightened precision he is able to achieve with microsurgery, you can rest easy knowing that you will have a beautiful smile after your treatment.
  • Recovery. Due to the less invasive treatments of dental microsurgery, the recovery time for patients is much less extensive when compared to traditional techniques. The microsurgical stitches are not visible to others and most patients experience little to no impact on their daily life.

What To Expect With Dental Microsurgery

Every dental procedure is different, and this is also true with microsurgery. The process starts with Dr. Kissel evaluating the teeth and supporting gums extensively and in detail with every tool he has available to him. Once Dr. Kissel determines a patient is a candidate for microsurgery (not all procedures or patients will require microsurgery), Dr. Kissel will make a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan which he will cover extensively and answer any questions the patient may have about microsurgery. Dr. Kissel prides himself on patient education and providing all of the options available in a no-pressure environment, which means from the second someone walks in the door for an appointment all the way through their recovery, they will have a comfortable and relaxing experience throughout the process, and walk out of the office feeling confident with a new, beautiful & healthy smile.

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