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3 Dental Implant Myths Debunked

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Dental Implants are the most popular, state-of-the-art tooth replacement system on the market. Even though they are so well received by many New York City periodontal patients, there’s still a fair amount of misinformation about them. If you’ve talked to friends about replacing your missing teeth or getting a cosmetic smile makeover, they may have inadvertently shared some of this false data. To help set the record straight, Dr. Kissel has prepared a list of 3 common dental implant myths and has provided factual information.

Myth #1: The Dental Implants Surgery Is Painful

Anytime you have surgery; whether it be oral surgery like dental implants or surgery elsewhere on your body, there is going to be some discomfort involved. However, always concerned about your peace and comfort, Dr. Kissel does everything possible to make his New York City patients as relaxed as possible during both the tooth extraction procedure and dental implants oral surgery. One of the ways he does this is by offering sedation dentistry. With this pain management option, the only discomfort you’ll feel during your surgery is the prick of a needle that delivers strong medication to put you fast asleep, so you’ll be completely unaware during your oral surgery. Additionally, for your recovery period, Dr. Kissel prescribes oral pain medication and a series of instructions for icing your face and avoiding certain foods, all to keep you comfortable.

Myth #2: Dental Bridges Are Just as Good as Dental Implants

Another of the dental implant myths that persists despite all the studies and scientific literature on the benefits of getting dental implants – particularly the stimulation of jawbone growth – some people still believe that the technology of yesteryear, mainly dental bridges, are just as good as today’s modern dental implants. That’s simply not the case. Not only does a bridge do nothing to stimulate jawbone growth, but it also affects the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth, as they must be drilled down so that they can be covered with dental crowns. Additionally, a dental bridge isn’t designed to last a lifetime. This means if you get a dental bridge, you will have to go through the procedure all over again. On the contrary, dental implants will not incur tooth decay, do not entail filing down adjacent teeth and are more likely to have a better long-term prognosis.

Myth #3: Dental Implants Are Expensive

“Expensive” is always a relative term, depending on to whom you are talking. But the idea that dental implants are more expensive than bridges and dentures needs to be more closely examined. First, all teeth replacement systems are not inexpensive. But bridges and dentures aren’t designed to last, meaning New York City patients who choose these teeth replacement options will incur a larger overall expense over time for secondary treatments in the future. Dental implants, however, which are built to last a lifetime, are a better investment because they have anywhere between a 95% to 98% success rate.

Arming You with Accurate Information

If you have any other questions about dental implants, the best thing you can do is speak to the periodontist and dental implants specialist, Dr. Kissel himself. He loves spending time with each of his prospective dental implant patients, explaining the treatment to them, and answering all their questions.

To schedule an appointment today, call his New York City office at (212) 702-9088.

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