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3 Tips for Eating with Dental Implants

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For many Manhattan residents who are missing teeth, one of the number one reasons they want to get dental implants is so that they can eat normally again. After all, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth, and they make it possible for you to eat regularly as if you had natural teeth. However, even though dental implants make it possible for you to eat normally once they have healed, there are some tips you should follow to assist with the healing process and to keep your dental implants stain-free. Read on as we discuss 3 tips for eating with dental implants.

  • Tip #1: Follow Your Post-Surgery Diet for Best Results

Getting dental implants from a  periodontist like Dr. Kissel is considered major oral surgery. After your dental implant procedure, you will need to allow time for your mouth to heal, and for the dental implants to fuse with your jawbone. Because of this, Dr. Kissel will recommend you stick to a soft food diet for a specified number of days, all dependent on your unique treatment plan. Recommended foods to eat while on your post-surgery diet include soups, puddings, yogurts, and the like.

  • Tip #2: Don’t Stop Your Post-Surgery Diet Just Because You Feel Better

Sometimes, Manhattan dental implant patients will start feeling better and prematurely end the diet that Dr. Kissel has prescribed for them. Or, they’ll hear or read recommendations that differ from Dr. Kissel’s instructions and follow those instead. You should never stop your prescribed diet just because you feel better or someone else was given a shorter soft food diet time period. Your soft food diet – and its duration – was all prescribed based on your unique case – including your existing bone structure, how many implants you had placed, where they were placed and whether or not there is an exposed abutment. When you get dental implants in Manhattan, you should never end your soft food diet early, unless you have consulted with and received permission from Dr. Kissel.

  • Tip #3: Avoid Foods and Beverages That Will Stain Your Dental Implants

Even long after you have healed from your dental implant surgery and can chew on the implant site, you’ll want to be cautious with foods and beverages that can stain your dental implant. These include dark-colored sodas, coffee, tea, and berries. If you do enjoy these foods and beverages, we recommend that you brush your teeth immediately after having them to reduce their ability to stain your dental implants.

Enjoying Your Favorite Foods Once You Have Healed

After you have healed from your dental implant procedure, you are welcome to enjoy all of your favorite foods. This may mean you’ll be cooking more, or enjoying your favorite Manhattan restaurants more frequently. Whatever the case, many dental implant patients in Manhattan say that their ability to eat what they want makes the dental implant procedure worth the process, as they can chew hard, crunchy or sticky foods without running the risk of having their dental implants shift, as is the case with dentures.

Learning More About Dental Implants

To learn more about dental implants, we recommend you speak with Dr. Kissel directly. Schedule an appointment in his Manhattan office by calling today at (212) 702-9088.

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