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6 Reasons to Consider Gum Grafting

Microsurgery gum grafting by Dr. Kissel in his NYC office

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If you’re like most New York City residents, you’ve probably never given a thought to gum grafting surgery. And why would you? Unless you’ve been told that you need it, it’s probably never even crossed your mind. However, as an experienced periodontist like New York City’s Dr. Kissel will tell you, there are in fact several different hygienic and cosmetic reasons to consider gum grafting surgery.

You Have Receding Gum Lines Due to Periodontal Disease

Periodontists in New York City know that periodontal disease is nothing to be taken lightly. One of the many symptoms of periodontitis or advanced periodontitis is receding gum lines. When you combine these, you’re at an increased risk of loosening your teeth – or worse yet – of them falling out! So, if you have receding gum lines due to periodontal disease, you should seriously consider gum grafting.

The Roots of Your Teeth Are Visible

Teeth that display their roots are quite unpleasant to look at. Unfortunately, your genetics may be to blame. If the roots of your teeth are exposed a cosmetic gum grafting procedure can help you achieve that smile you’ve always desired.

You Keep Getting Root Cavities

Nobody in New York City wants to get a cavity, especially a root cavity. If you keep suffering from root cavities, a gum grafting oral surgery can help protect your roots from plaque and bacteria infiltration. 

You’ve Brushed Your Teeth Too Aggressively

Sometimes, even those New York City residents with the best of intentions inadvertently cause periodontal issues. This is the case with people who brush their teeth too aggressively. If you brush your teeth harshly, you could damage and thin out your gum line. If you’ve been told that your gums are thinning from aggressive brushing, a gum grafting surgery can help rebuild your gum tissue.

Your Teeth Are Sensitive to Cold Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a cold beverage or the occasional ice cream? New York City residents with sensitive teeth, that’s who! If you have a tooth or teeth that are sensitive to cold food and drinks, it could be because the root of these teeth is exposed. A gum grafting surgery can cover them and relieve you from this sensitivity to cold foods and drinks. 

You Want to Make it Easier to Clean Your Teeth and Gums

If you want an A+ from your periodontist or dentist for proper oral hygiene, but you find it difficult to brush or floss due to exposed roots, you might want to consider gum grafting oral surgery. With a gum graft, you’ll have a more natural appearing and functioning mouth, making it easier to clean plaque and bacteria and protect your teeth and their roots.

Making an Appointment with New York City’s Periodontist, Dr. Kissel

If you believe you have one of the conditions above that call for gum grafting surgery, you shouldn’t delay speaking with Dr. Kissel. The sooner you get in to see him, the sooner you can resolve your problem. Contact Dr. Kissel to book your consultation online or by calling his Manhattan periodontal office at 212-702-9088. Learn more about his training and experience in performing gum grafting using microsurgical techniques and how he can treat your receding gums with minimal discomfort. Dr. Kissel will develop a personalized gum disease treatment program to save your teeth and help you reclaim your beautiful smile.

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