6 Steps For The Dental Implant Process

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If you live in New York City and you have loose or missing teeth or need to have a tooth or teeth removed due to disease or decay, it’s likely you will need to have them replaced with dental implants. Periodontist Dr. Kissel’s preferred tooth-replacement system is dental implants because they are a permanent solution, and they stimulate jawbone growth, which preserves your natural facial structure. You may be wondering what is involved in the dental implant process. Because Dr. Kissel wants all of his patients to be well-informed, he’s provided 6 steps for the dental implant process.

  1. The first step for the dental implant process is the initial consultation with Dr. Kissel. During your visit, he will be able to fully examine your mouth and all of your trouble spots, as well as be able to develop an individualized treatment plan just for you! Three-dimensional planning is frequently utilized to properly diagnose and plan treatment. Dr Kissel will then have a conference with your restorative dentist to finalize a master treatment plan. Be sure to ask all of your questions regarding dental implants and provide Dr. Kissel with your detailed medical history during your consultation.
  2. After your consultation and once Dr. Kissel has created a treatment plan for you, you will then come into his New York City office for your first surgical appointment. If you need to have teeth removed, or if you need a pre-surgery before you have dental implants placed, Dr. Kissel will complete those procedures at this time. This is not always a necessary step, but if you need tooth removal, a bone graft, a gum graft, or a sinus lift, you will be required to fully heal before your dental implants can be inserted into your jawbone. We know this is a long process but trust us – it’s worth it!
  3. The next step for the dental implant process is the placement of the dental implants into your jawbone. This is not the crown, but only the posts a replacement for the root of your tooth. While your implants are fusing to your jawbone, Dr. Kissel will send you home with temporary crowns fabricated by your restorative dentist or Dr. Kissel to cover the posts. The healing process for this step can take 6 weeks to 4 months several months because it is important that the dental implants are completely secure before receiving the dental crowns. This will also help minimize the risk of dental implants failure.
  4. The last step in the dental implant process is the aftercare. Dr. Kissel sends each of his New York City patients home with very specific instructions that lay out the do’s and don’ts of dental implants. Be sure you follow them carefully, so you will heal well and avoid dental implant failure. 

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