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A Message From Dr. Kissel Regarding Covid-19

Dr. Kissel DMD, PC - Dental Implant Specialist, New York City

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March 15th, 2020

Amid ongoing concern about the coronavirus COVID-19, our top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our patients. I would like to provide you with information about what 501 Madison Avenue is doing as well as the steps the practice is taking to ensure that you are entering a clean environment when you visit our office.

Building staff are disinfecting the outside revolving and adjacent doors, all surfaces in the lobby, and well as the elevators throughout the day. Our office has always followed protocols to protect our patients against the spread of infectious diseases.

Our routine, daily disease prevention steps include:

  1. Before and after each patient, bacterial and virus cidal wipes are used to clean all surfaces touched by the patient, doctor and staff in the treatment room.
  2. All instruments are properly placed in autoclave bags and sterilized in our new autoclave. Autoclave bags have indicators to verify if proper heat levels were achieved. In addition, a spore indicator is placed in the autoclave, to even more accurately verify that the process was successful.
  3. New gowns, gloves, and masks are used for every patient having surgical or hygiene services. Our masks provide the highest-level protection in the industry.
  4. Disposable plastic adhesives, another layer of protection, are placed on surfaces that may be touched by the doctor, surgical assistant or hygienist during procedures. New adhesives are used for each patient.

New, additional protocols for COVID-19:

  1. We will be taking the temperature of all staff at our morning “huddle”, prior to any contact with patients. This proactive step will keep patients and staff safe.
  2. We have never been a high-volume office, so we have the flexibility to modify the appointment schedule to allow for patient distancing. We also always have an extra treatment room to further achieve this goal.
  3. Reception room surfaces, door handles, phones, pens, clipboards, and countertop surfaces will be periodically wiped/sprayed throughout the day using anti-bacterial/viral disinfectants.
  4. Prior to procedures, we will be having patients swish with a very effective antibacterial/viral rinse that will promote a clean environment.

With these protective measures in place, rest assured that our office is a safe place to be. We understand that it may be of concern for you to travel. However, it is important to keep in mind that you were referred to us or sought our care because you have a disease process that is not only affecting your mouth but your entire body. Many of the diseases we treat are without symptoms so patients do not see the urgency of obtaining care. There is a link between bacterial oral diseases and many systemic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiac disease, and pneumonia. Missing teeth can lead to changes that negatively impact the bite and are difficult to readjust. The longer you delay treatment the more you put your general health in jeopardy. Decreased immunity is of particular concern at this time, as the COVID-19 virus poses more of a risk to those with a compromised immune system.

Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns regarding the information provided in this letter. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.
Scott O. Kissel, D.M.D.

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