Caring For Dental Implants

Portrait of smiling senior womanMany of periodontist Dr. Kissel’s New York City patients who consult with him about dental implants are, understandably, curious about how they need to care for their new teeth after they are placed. It’s important to know if you choose Dr. Kissel for your implants surgery, you have a high chance of implant success because he only uses the most researched and tested systems on the market from Straumman and Nobel Biocare.

But even the best of the best can fail if not properly cared for. Here are some tips from Dr. Kissel himself on how you can best care for your implants following your surgery, which increases your chances that your implants will properly fuse with your jaw bone and last a lifetime.

Immediately Following The Placement Of Your Dental Implants

After you leave Dr. Kissel’s New York City office with your new implants, you’ll be equipped with important aftercare instructions, which you should follow to a “T” to avoid post-op complications. Immediately following your procedure, you should:

1.Not Disturb The Surgery Site

Let nature take its process. Don’t rinse, spit, or touch your surgery site the day of your procedure. Not only will it be tender after your local anesthesia has worn off, touching the site with your finger or tongue increases the chance of you inadvertently introducing germs and bacteria to it, which could lead to an infection that may cause implant failure.

2. Eat A Proper Diet

Following your surgery, you should drink plenty of water and eat only soft foods for the first few days of your recovery. This will help promote proper healing as your implants work to fuse with your jaw bone. Dr. Kissel will provide you with instructions on when you are free to return to your normal diet and enjoy those crunchy and chewy foods that implants allow you to enjoy.

3. Address Bleeding And Swelling

It’s completely normal to expect some bleeding and swelling in your gums after your surgery. In order to help properly care for this side effect, make sure your New York City home is well stocked with ice packs and gauze pads. Gently bite down with care on the gauze to help control bleeding, and apply ice packs to the sides of your face to reduce swelling.

4. Manage Your Discomfort

Dr. Kissel wants you to be as comfortable as possible following your dental implants surgery. For this reason, he’ll prescribe you pain medication as part of your after care process. Take your prescribed medication on schedule, and don’t miss a dose. Following dosage instructions will ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your recovery.

5. Rest

Resting is one of the most important things you can do after your implants procedure. You should also avoid more physical activities for several days after you receive your implants, as doing so could increase bleeding at your surgery site.

Practicing Proper Oral Hygiene After You’ve Healed from Surgery

After you’ve healed from your surgery, you should take care of your dental implants just like you take care of your natural teeth. To ensure the success of your implants, New York City patients should:

  1. Brush twice a day
  2. Floss once a day
  3. Use antibacterial mouthwash once a day
  4. Visit your general dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups
  5. Avoid smoking, as smoking could lead to implant failure
  6. See Dr. Kissel immediately at the first sign that anything may be wrong with one of your implants – including if they feel loose or if you notice swelling at the gum after you’ve already healed from surgery

Call Dr. Kissel’s Office Today To Schedule Your Dental Implants Consultation

Now that you know what to expect when taking care of your implants, you’re ready to reach out to Dr. Kissel to schedule your consultation in his New York City office. You can reach him by calling (212) 702-9088 today.