Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Scott O. Kissel

How Long Will My Implants Last?

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It depends on different factors, including:

  1. Oral hygiene
  2. Maintenance at periodontal office
  3. How your implant retained teeth bite together
  4. Overall health and lifestyle
  5. How your implant is placed

How Is Your Implant Placed?

How your implant is placed is one of the most important factors to make it last longer.

Dental implants can be placed using the naked eye, magnification eyewear or microscope. Each of these techniques deliver different accuracy, being the microscope the most precise one.
To achieve even more accurate implant placement, the use of surgical guides has been combined with these approaches.

There are many intricacies in the design and utilization of surgical guides.
Today’s technology facilitates the use of 3-dimensional surgical guides. Dr. Kissel has been using 3-D guides for 20 years and currently uses the latest software, 3 Shape Implant Studio, to personally design custom guides to provide the most ideal implant placement maximizing the long-term success of his implants. Often dentists send scans or molds of their patient’s teeth to a lab technician to design the guide but Dr. Kissel strongly feels this is best designed by him. He uses his knowledge as an implant specialist which a lab technician does not possess. Intraorally he further continually customizes the implant site to idealize implant placement.
Accuracy of guides can vary greatly depending on software, materials, Implant Company guided kits, guide design and components.
Dr. Kissel considers all these parameters when determining implant planning and guide fabrication.

Using guides significantly enhances the patient experience (less surgical time and rapid guide fabrication), prosthetic outcomes and surgical accuracy.

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