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LANAP Vs Traditional Gum Disease Treatments


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Periodontal disease can be one of the most difficult dental conditions to treat. There are various factors that can affect the patient’s clinical outcome. For instance, genetics, smoking, home care habits, diet, and systemic health conditions can affect the outcome of gum disease treatment in NYC.

Previous options presented to patients for treatment were limited to traditional flap surgery (osseous surgery), scaling and root planning, deep cleanings, or antibiotics. With recent advancements in dentistry and medicine, we now have an alternative gum disease treatment in NYC for moderate to severe periodontal disease.

To better understand the difference between traditional gum surgery and laser gum surgery it is important to educate yourself on the benefits and potential outcomes associated with each procedure. To determine if you are a candidate, you must schedule a periodontal exam with Dr. Kissel.

Osseous Surgery – Traditional Gum Disease Treatment in NYC

Osseous surgery, or flap surgery, requires the use of a scalpel, sutures, and special instruments to remove tartar and calculus from the root surface of the teeth. This treatment is used for patients who have severe periodontal disease and deep gum pockets. The general concept of this surgery is to use the scalpel to reflect a flap of gum tissue to gain visibility into the gum pocket; allowing Dr. Kissel to effectively clean the area. The biggest obstacle clinician’s face with traditional surgery is recession, discomfort, sensitivity, and true pocket reduction.

LANAP Laser Gum Disease Treatment with Madison Avenue Periodontist Dr Kissel

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is the most innovative and minimally invasive laser gum disease treatment in NYC. Madison Avenue periodontist, Dr. Kissel, uses it to treat periodontal disease because the laser has the ability to distinguish healthy tissue from diseased tissue. The laser operates at the perfect wavelength to remove diseased tissue and bacteria, but remains invisible to healthy tissue, root surface, teeth, and bone. The principle is simple. We remove what is bad, and leave what is good. This results in minimal to no recession, less pain, less bleeding, less downtime, and faster healing. Patients often travel from the metropolitan area and beyond to find out if they are a candidate for LANAP®. Many patients end up saving teeth that were previously deemed hopeless. mvp7

• LANAP® gum disease treatment with Madison Avenue periodontist Dr. Kissel encourages the natural reattachment of connective tissue to the tooth roots. Dr. Kissel uses the FDA-accepted PerioLase® MVP-7 laser, which knows the difference between good and bad tissue. That leaves healthy tissue ready to reconnect to the root surface of teeth.

• LANAP® stimulates new bone growth around teeth for the best long-term results. This particular type of bone regeneration is natural and is independent of any bone grafting. Remember, LANAP® is a minimally invasive surgery that gives the body a chance to heal itself. It’s my first choice for the treatment of gum disease especially when considering the next best choice is more invasive surgery.

• Recovering from LANAP® is typically faster than more invasive surgeries. Pain medication is rarely needed and most patients are back to their usual activities in a day or less.

Stop the spread of gum disease with less pain. Call Dr. Scott Kissel,  LANAP expert, today at 212-702-9088 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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