New York City Periodontist Dr. Scott Kissel

New York City periodontist Dr. Kissel is rated one of the top periodontists in the US. A Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, his Microscopic Surgical Procedures & Advanced Dental Implant Techniques allow for higher visibility & unparalleled precision in periodontal procedures. These advancements allow patients pain free procedures, less invasive methods, faster healing & esthetically superior results.

Advanced Techniques Are Used in All Phases of Reconstructive Periodontics Including…

Saving Your Natural Smile

The best option for optimal oral health is saving your natural teeth, and we do everything possible to achieve this. Unfortunately, teeth are removed without first considering the alternatives all too often. In many cases, teeth can be rescued by regenerating lost bone. These goals are best achieved using our minimally invasive, microscopic techniques.  Because we can see more, we can save more.

The Power of Precision

Our microsurgical methods have raised the bar for Dental Implants in New York City. Periodontist technique can be compared to the fitting of puzzle pieces – a groove created with high precision tools allows for a seamless fit, but the slightest rough edge creates a groove misalignment and the pieces are ill-fitting, no matter how much it is hammered or filled. The greater the misalignment, the more discomfort, and this is unacceptable. Because we can see more, we can do better.

Dental Implants The Same Day

Even in the hands of a skilled New York City periodontist, sometimes a tooth is too damaged to be saved. In this case, Dr. Kissel performs minimally invasive removal of the tooth but ensures you don’t leave without a replacement by using The SMILE* Technique. This technique allows for immediate implant placement and a temporary aesthetic crown, preventing tissue collapse and bone loss which can permanently disfigure the jaw line. The SMILE* Technique is performed in just one visit with minimal healing time.  It is not a cheap, quick-fix solution but an advanced method that preserves your natural smile while avoiding multiple surgeries.

Make Yourself Comfortable!

Your comfort is our priority and our pleasure. We will ensure your periodontal treatment experience is dignified and pleasant as you relax in a Tempur-Pedic® Dental Chair. While you wait, watch a movie, listen to music or just sit back and enjoying our beautiful view of Manhattan. Periodontist Dr. Scott Kissel uses the most current methods to ensure a pain free experience, including The Wand in lieu of Novocain via a syringe, IV sedation, nitrous oxide, digital x-rays and microscopic instruments.

Judgment-Free Zone

Dr. Kissel and his staff realize that patients may have a dental phobia due to a previous frightening or painful experience or may be embarrassed because at an earlier time in their life they could not afford proper care and hold no judgments against you. Some patients may have given up hope, unaware of the advances that modern reconstructive periodontics can do to bring back a healthy smile. Dr. Kissel and his staff are very compassionate and seek only to help, heal and educate.

Holistic Approach to Care

New York City periodontist Dr. Kissel emphasizes the relationship between your dental and physical health. Connections exist between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, pre-term and low birth weight infants and diabetes. Often, systemic diseases first present as symptoms in the mouth, therefore we often unmask underlying health issues during the course of periodontal care.

Meticulously Provided Periodontal Services

We use the highest quality materials, equipment and techniques supported by extensive research. Dr. Kissel stays current with the literature in his field and utilizes specifically engineered materials that can enhance your body’s natural regeneration. You won’t ever have to worry that “knock off implants” or scientifically questionable materials are used. 

We are impeccable about hygiene, sterilizing all instruments with an autoclave before use. New gloves, masks and gowns are used for every patient, and rooms are disinfected after each appointment, leaving them immaculate and ready for your visit.

To schedule a consultation with New York City periodontist Dr. Kissel, contact our office at (212) 702-9088 or click on the link below to book and appointment.