Teeth Implants New York

Teeth Implants Prevent Future Cosmetic Problems

If you have missing or damaged teeth, you may be considering one of several tooth replacement options, including:

  • Dental bridges to restore one or two teeth.
  • Dentures for extensive, whole-arch replacement.
  • Dental implants, which can restore one, two, or all of a patient’s teeth.

Dr. Kissel and many other periodontists recommend the last of these options because of the benefits they provide to patients in New York City. Teeth implants are not just a solution to the immediate cosmetic problem of a missing tooth. They also help to prevent aesthetic issues with your mouth, jaw, and teeth for years to come.

Bone Resorption and Teeth Implants

When a tooth root is removed, the bone surrounding the root can begin to erode in a process known as bone resorption. Over time, the overlying section of the gum follows the bone and begins to sink into the jaw.

When this happens, your smile becomes less attractive. The skin around your mouth and jaw may take on a collapsed appearance that can age your face prematurely.

Bridges and dentures, though they may offer some immediate cosmetic benefits, don’t prevent bone resorption, and over time, they can begin to look less like a natural part of your smile. Because teeth implants can prevent this bone resorption, they offer lasting advantages over alternatives.

Benefits for New York City Teeth Implant Patients

When Dr. Kissel inserts teeth implants, he starts by placing new roots (implant) in the areas where teeth are missing or damaged. The new roots will bond with the bone in your mouth over the months that follow, establishing a strong foundation for your new crowns.

These roots stimulate bone growth and prevent the gums from collapsing in the area of missing teeth. The durable foundation of the roots also provide full functionality to your replacement teeth, allowing you to smile, chew, eat, and speak just as you would with your originals. By preventing bone resorption, teeth implants will help you get a full and complete smile and make sure that it stays that way over time.

Learn more from an experienced periodontist about teeth implants in the New York City area. Teeth implant patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kissel by calling 212-702-9088 or contacting us online.