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The Advantages of Immediate Implants

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Without a doubt, dental implants are the most effective method to replace missing teeth. In fact, over the past few decades, they have become so popular that according to iData Research, over 3 million dental implants are placed each year in the United States. The success rate of implant procedures is extremely high, especially when guided implant procedures or dental microsurgery is used to perform them. There are also different types of dental implant procedures. Immediate implants involve replacing a tooth the same day that it is removed, resulting in several important advantages.

Immediate Dental Implant Procedures Using Microsurgery 

Dr. Kissel is the only dental implant specialist in New York who offers non-invasive immediate implants with microsurgery. Initially, Dr. Kissel performs a microscopic surgical procedure to remove the damaged tooth and preserves the bone and gum tissue that surrounds the tooth. When the tooth is removed, the socket can serve as a natural opening for the immediate placement of the titanium dental implant. 

Following the placement of the implant, Dr. Kissel may place buccal bone grafting material around the implant to fill in the socket completely to maintain natural contours. A temporary crown is then placed to complete the procedure. 

Why Choose Immediate Implants? 

The main reason to replace your damaged tooth with the immediate implant procedure is the advantage of time.  The traditional/conventional dental implant methods of replacing teeth can take months and multiple surgical procedures. On the other hand, implants placed immediately after your tooth removal can restore your smile with the final crown in several weeks.

The immediate implant procedure significantly reduces the time factor because the blood supply to the bone is maintained. Consequently, this minimizes the risk of infection and enables significantly faster healing and superior final results. 

Additional Advantages of Immediate Implants

When we compared immediate implant placement to a standard dental implant, the speed with which you acquire your new tooth implant is not the only advantage. There are additional advantages resulting from immediate implants. For example:

  • Immediate implants also provide better retention of soft-tissue structures like the gum. 
  • Because the implants can be placed in the fresh extraction sites, they may be placed in the same location as the extracted tooth. This is important since it minimizes the need to place the implant at an angle. 
  • You have superior osseointegration. This means that you have better bone ingrowth into a titanium implant. Meaning, that it is integrated into the bone which grows into the implant. This ensures the success of your implant procedure.
  • You don’t experience bone atrophy of the bony receptors are preserved by preventing atrophy of the alveolar ridge – thickened border of the jawbone that contains the sockets of the teeth. This helps prevent the recession of the mucosal and gingival tissues.
  • This implant procedure also keeps contaminants away from the extraction socket, which helps avoid complications and infections. 
  • Naturally, it provides for better aesthetics and function. You can maintain or even enhance the appearance of your smile since you will replace the damaged tooth immediately. You won’t have to wait months for a tooth replacement. Additionally, you will avoid issues with shifting teeth, speaking, and eating.

What’s Needed for a Successful Immediate Dental Implant Placement?

In order for the immediate implant process to succeed the manner in which the damaged tooth is removed is vital. The tooth extraction must be performed with minimal disturbance to the bony socket or surrounding gum tissue. For this reason, Dr. Kissel’s microsurgical approach to tooth removal is ideal for immediate implants. Microsurgery is the most non-invasive method for tooth extraction and the method which also offers the most precise results.    

By using microsurgical instruments and techniques, Dr. Kissel is able to ensure that his patients do not experience trauma to adjacent bone, gum, and teeth. Microsurgical tooth extraction also provides greater comfort, with the need for less sedation during and after surgery, as well as, a faster recovery. What’s more, in order to achieve superior dental implant placement results using a 3-D planning guide, the magnification of a powerful surgical microscope, like the one used by Dr. Kissel, is imperative. You can expect to return to normal activities the same day. Dr. Kissel’s skill, precision, and experience help you avoid the most difficult part of tooth extraction and ensure that your immediate implants will be placed successfully.

Who is a Good Candidate for Immediate Implants?

If you are considering immediate implants, generally, it is ideal to have adequate jaw bone density to support the immediate implant. The health of your gums is also an important factor. If you have thinner gum or bone tissue delayed implants may be more suitable for you. It’s also not advisable for individuals with an uneven gum line.

Dr. Kissel will examine you during your consultation to determine if these conditions are met and discuss your treatment options. Dental Implant patients at Dr. Kissel’s New York City periodontal office can be assured that he uses the most advanced and proven techniques to treat their dental issues. Immediate implants and microsurgical techniques allow for a better experience post-op for the patient due to greater accuracy and a more precise operation.

During this consultation, Dr. Kissel will perform the oral examination and tests that determine what type of dental implants you are eligible for, explain the dental implant procedure to you, and answer all your questions. If you’re ready to replace your smile with natural-looking, functional dental implants, then call Dr. Kissel’s office in New York City for a consultation at (212) 702-9088 or book online.

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