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The Benefits of Dental Microsurgery Procedures

Microsurgery gum grafting by Dr. Kissel in his NYC office

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Your dental health plays a crucial role in your overall well-being, fortunately, advancements in dentistry have led to innovative procedures to enhance treatment outcomes. One such remarkable advancement is dental microsurgery. Recognizing the numerous benefits of dental microsurgery procedures, Dr Kissel was one of the first periodontists in the USA who received specialized training from the pioneer of dental microsurgery, Dr Shanelec in Santa Barbara, CA.  

Since 2006, Dr Kissel has performed hundreds of microsurgery procedures in New York City. His patients have enjoyed the significant benefits of dental microsurgery for a wide variety of dental treatments such as bone grafting procedures, dental implants, tooth extractions, crown lengthening, or simply a deep cleaning of their teeth to treat periodontal disease

We would like to explore in more detail the benefits of dental microsurgery procedures and how they have helped Dr Kissel’s NYC patients enjoy the minimally invasive and precise results offered by this revolutionary approach to dentistry.

What Is Dental Microsurgery?

Dental microsurgery involves the use of high-powered magnification tools, such as dental operating microscopes and a fibre optic light source to perform intricate and precise surgical interventions with specialized instruments. Dr Kissel’s powerful microscope can provide a clear and enlarged view of the treatment area, allowing him to work with unmatched accuracy and effectiveness.

During dental microsurgery, Dr Kissels makes minimal incisions, reducing tissue trauma and promoting faster healing. By using dental microsurgery instead of traditional treatment procedures, he can improve the success rates of various treatments while minimizing patient discomfort and post-operative complications. The precise nature of microsurgery allows for a more conservative approach, preserving healthy tissues and enhancing overall oral health outcomes.

The Advantages of Dental Microsurgery Procedures

Dental microsurgery offers a range of significant advantages that revolutionize the field of dentistry. By utilizing high-powered microscopes and specialized instruments, Dr Kissel can offer his patients unparalleled precision and accuracy during intricate procedures. This advanced technique has helped him achieve improved treatment success rates, reduced patient discomfort, and overall enhanced oral health outcomes. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of dental microsurgery over traditional techniques.

Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

The primary advantage of dental microsurgical procedures lies in the level of precision they offer. With the increased magnification of the surgical microscope, Dr Kissel can identify and treat dental issues with unparalleled accuracy. This minimizes the risk of errors and ensures that the treatment targets the exact problem area, leading to more successful outcomes.

Minimally Invasive

When periodontal or implant procedures are performed using dental microsurgery, Dr Kissel can minimize the invasiveness level of the procedures compared to traditional techniques. For example, smaller incisions are made, resulting in reduced trauma to the surrounding tissues. As a result, patients experience less post-operative discomfort and a faster recovery period.

Before and after photo of dental implant microsurgery

Faster Healing and Recovery

Thanks to the minimally invasive nature of dental microsurgery, the healing or recovery process can be accelerated. With smaller incisions and specialized instruments, there is reduced trauma during the surgery, leading to less post-operative pain and swelling. Additionally, the decreased tissue disruption and minimal bleeding further contribute to a quicker healing process. Dr Kissel’s patients often experience faster tissue regeneration and can resume normal activities sooner after undergoing dental microsurgery, making it a preferred choice for many individuals seeking dental treatments.

Improved Aesthetics

Microsurgery in dentistry allows for meticulous treatment of cosmetic dental issues. The use of his powerful operating microscopes allows Dr Kissel to perform intricate cosmetic procedures, such as gum contouring, gum grafting or crown lengthening, with enhanced visualization and accuracy. This precision ensures that the results are more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, microsurgery can be utilized in dental implant procedures, where it aids in precise implant placement for a more natural and harmonious smile. The minimally invasive nature of these procedures also preserves more of the patient’s natural tooth structure, promoting better aesthetics in the long term. Overall, dental microsurgery’s ability to achieve finer details and preserve aesthetics makes it an effective approach for enhancing a patient’s smile and overall appearance. (see Dr Kissel’s Before and After Gallery)

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening before and after photos of a young womanPreservation of Healthy Tissues

Preserving healthy tissues is a top priority in any dental procedure. Dental microsurgery excels in this aspect as it enables Dr Kissel to work with exceptional control, minimizing damage to surrounding tissues and preserving more of the natural tooth structure. This is because, with the aid of his microscope, he can visualize the affected area in much greater detail, allowing him to precisely target the problem without causing unnecessary damage to surrounding healthy tissues. The use of smaller incisions and specialized instruments further minimizes tissue trauma during the surgery. By preserving more of the natural tooth structure, microsurgery may even help retain healthy teeth that might otherwise require extraction. This preservation of healthy tissues not only promotes better oral health but also contributes to a faster and more comfortable recovery for the patient.

Reduced Risk of Complications

Dr Kissel believes that one of the most important benefits of microsurgery is that it significantly reduces the risk of complications since the better one can see, the more knowledge one acquires resulting in careful manipulation of tissues and critical anatomy. The use of advanced magnification tools like dental operating microscopes allows Dr Kissel to visualize the surgical area in greater detail, enabling precise and accurate interventions. With smaller incisions and specialized instruments, there is less trauma to surrounding tissues, which minimizes the risk of infection and post-operative complications. Additionally, the reduced tissue disruption and minimal bleeding during microsurgery contribute to faster healing and lower chances of adverse reactions. By minimizing the need for extensive surgical procedures, dental microsurgery significantly lowers the overall risk of complications, making it a safer and more reliable option for various dental and periodontal treatments.

Consult with a Qualified and Experienced NYC Dental Microsurgery Periodontist

Dr. Kissel New York City Board-Certified Periodontist specializing in Dental MicrosurgeryIf you are considering any periodontal treatment, surgical tooth extraction, or dental implants, contact Dr Kissel to book your consultation online or by calling his Manhattan periodontal office at 212-702-9088. Learn more about his training and experience with microsurgical techniques and how he can perform your procedure with minimal discomfort. Dental microsurgical procedures have undoubtedly revolutionized modern dentistry. With enhanced precision, minimally invasive techniques, and improved patient outcomes, these procedures offer significant benefits. From resolving complex dental issues to achieving superior aesthetic results, microsurgery in dentistry has set new standards of excellence.

If you seek advanced dental treatments with higher success rates and faster recovery periods, dental microsurgical procedures might be the ideal option for you. Consult with Dr Kissel to explore how these innovative techniques can transform your dental health and overall well-being. Embrace the advantages of dental microsurgery and experience the future of dentistry firsthand. Dr Kissel will develop a personalized treatment program to save your teeth and help you reclaim your beautiful smile.


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