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Tips To Choose A Periodontist In New York City

Dr. Kissel New York City Board-Certified Periodontist specializing in Dental Microsurgery

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New York City residents have a wide variety of local periodontists to choose from. After all, they live in the Big Apple. There’s a world of possibilities on every block of the City, and several oral health care practitioners to choose from.

But when it comes to choosing a provider to manage periodontal disease or to perform oral surgeries such as dental implant placements, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right practitioner for the job. We strongly believe that for New York City residents, Dr. Kissel is the best person with whom you can trust for both your gum health and oral surgery needs.

The Right Periodontist Will Be Board Certified

You wouldn’t trust your pharmacist do your taxes, so why would you trust just anyone to take care of your gums and oral surgery needs? When choosing a provider, you need to find someone who is Board Certified. Not only does Dr. Kissel meet this requirement, but he’s also been in practice for over 25 years. He actually started as a general dentist, but his interest in periodontal care and oral surgeries led him to seek out additional education and training to take care of those needs of his New York City patients. 

The Right Periodontist Will Be Using the Latest Technology

The field of periodontics is constantly changing. As such, your practitioner should have his or her finger on the pulse of the field, and by investing in the latest technologies that enable him or her to treat you better in the least invasive ways possible.

Dr. Kissel meets these requirements on several fronts. First, he uses the Periscope, which is an advanced, non-surgical device to diagnose and treat periodontal disease without surgery by giving enlarged, precise images of underneath your gums. Second, he often uses LANAP® laser treatment with a microscope to remove tartar from your teeth and promote gum reattachment. Dr. Kissel uses the surgical microscope and microsurgical philosophy, which is a game-changer when compared to traditional treatment.  This results in the most minimally invasive techniques, and little to no discomfort or swelling. Microsurgery leads to the finest results.  Finally, when placing dental implants, New York City’s Dr. Kissel only uses the most researched and tested systems on the market from Straumann and Nobel Biocare. Dr. Kissel also uses guided surgery to place dental implants. He personally designs the guides and they are printed in his office using a three-dimensional printer. This leads to the most accuracy and safety when placing dental implants.    

The Right Periodontist Will Make You Feel Welcomed

It’s common for New York City residents to have dental anxiety. This is why Dr. Kissel’s practice goes so far as to keep each and every one of his patients as comfortable as possible during their examinations, treatments, and oral surgeries. Amenities offered at Dr. Kissel’s periodontal practice include:

  • Tempur-Pedic® dental chairs for ultimate patient comfort
  • A beautiful view of Manhattan to enjoy during your appointment
  • The Wand® is a special device used to deliver local anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout your procedure or oral surgery
  • A variety of oral sedation options to keep you comfortable during your procedures
  • A caring and knowledgeable staff will always be communicating with you to maintain your comfort

Dr. Kissel Is The Right Periodontist For You

Dr. Kissel is the periodontal professional for you. He’s board-certified with advanced training in dental implants, laser surgery, and microscopic procedures. He is also one of the few dentists in the world who belongs to a unique microsurgical study club, where he is continuously improving his skills.

Dr. Kissel genuinely cares about each of his patients and every aspect of his practice is designed to provide each person with an excellent experience. Call his office today at (212) 702-9088 or contact him online to schedule your initial consultation.

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