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Why Dr Kissel Uses Dental Microsurgery For Periodontal Procedures

Dr. Kissel performing a dental microsurgery periodontal procedure while looking through a surgical microscope

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Dental microsurgery has transformed the way periodontal procedures are performed and their effectiveness. Dr. Kissel is one of the few periodontists in Manhattan NYC who has been trained and has the skills to perform dental / periodontal microsurgery successfully. In fact, he is one of a few dentists in the world who belongs to a unique microsurgical study club where he continuously improves his skills. Dr. Kissel regularly lectures around the country and has written many articles for periodontal and dental journals. 

Dr. Kissel has performed microsurgery on hundreds of patients since 2006. This training and his high level of expertise make him the premier choice for those seeking dental microsurgery in New York City. Patients can benefit from dental microsurgery when they need a bone grafting procedure, dental implants, tooth extractions, crown lengthening, or simply a deep cleaning of their teeth to treat periodontal disease. Dr. Kissel has found that most patients value the non-invasive and precise results of microsurgery procedures. A study by Bittencourt et al. (June, 2012) has shown that patients who underwent a root coverage procedure using microsurgery were 100% satisfied with the results whereas the group of patients who had undergone the same procedure using traditional (non-microsurgical techniques) were only 79.1% satisfied.

How Dental Microsurgery Offers a Higher Level of Periodontal Treatment  

Dental microsurgery enables Dr. Kissel to utilize smaller tools, tighter lines of work, and more precise motions in order to make every operation much more precise. He is able to achieve this higher level of periodontal treatment through the use of a powerful technique that utilizes a microscope and a fiber-optic light source. 

The surgical microscope allows Dr. Kissel to see every part of the mouth in extreme detail so he can provide his patients with extreme precision in every procedure that can be achieved using traditional periodontal treatment methods. The traditional dental loupe (magnifying glasses worn by dentists to magnify what they see) normally magnifies an area from 3-6 times but a surgical microscope can achieve a magnification of 20 times. Dr. Kissel’s surgical microscope also enables him to adjust magnification in the middle of a procedure, allowing for repositioning whereas a dental loupe would be limited in its range of motion.

How does an Increase in Magnification Benefit Periodontal Patients 

Superior Accuracy

Since the enhanced field of view of a surgical microscope allows Dr. Kissel to see more clearly, he is provided with more knowledge about the surgical site. With greater knowledge, the exam, diagnosis, and treatments are more accurate, comprehensive, and more appropriately executed. Most importantly, microsurgery significantly reduces the risk of complications, since the better one can see, the more knowledge one acquires resulting in careful manipulation of tissues and critical anatomy.

Less Trauma

What’s more, the ability to see in greater detail, enables Dr. Kissel to inflict significantly less trauma through microsurgical techniques and instruments resulting in smaller surgical sites with less injury and bleeding. In fact, the trauma can be so minor that patients can use over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, such as Advil or Aleve, as their post-op analgesic (pain control medication).

Fewer Complications

In addition, the use of microsurgery results in passive wound closure with the exact positioning of the wound edges. This eliminates gaps and does not require new tissue formation to fill the voids at the surgical site which helps avoid the often painful inflammatory phase of wound healing.

Natural-Looking Results

Another important benefit of microsurgery and the precision it allows Dr. Kissel to achieve natural-looking results almost immediately after the treatment. Best of all, the recovery time is much shorter than compared that of treatments performed with traditional techniques. The microsurgical stitches are not visible to others and most patients experience little to no impact on their daily life.

Consult with Dr. Kissel Regarding Periodontal Microsurgery

Dr. Kissel has found that since he began using the microsurgical techniques, the feedback from his patients has been very positive.  If you are considering any periodontal treatment or dental implants, contact Dr. Kissel to book your consultation online or by calling his Manhattan periodontal office at 212-702-9088. Learn more about his training and experience with microsurgical techniques and how he can perform your procedure with minimal discomfort. Dr. Kissel will develop a personalized treatment program to save your teeth and help you reclaim your beautiful smile.

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