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microsurgeryWhen the idea of television was first conceived, many probably thought it was nothing more than a silly pipe dream with limited application. Fast forward to now and it’s become a staple piece of technology in every American home. Parallels to this can be seen in many areas, including modern periodontics. Instruments widely used today were likely thought of as mere novelties in prior generations, and some emerging technologies of today may come to be the standards for operation in the future. One thing is certain though – progress never stops. New York Periodontist Dr. Scott Kissel is a strong believer in the power of progress, which is why he remains at the forefront of advances in technology. Far more than just an end unto itself though, Dr. Kissel recognizes the benefits of advanced periodontal techniques.

What Does Dr. Kissel Do Differently Than Other Periodontists?

Because our focus is on providing the very best in periodontal care to our patients, everything in our practice reflects that priority. You can even see this in the amenities we offer for patient comfort, like Tempur-Pedic® dental pads, personal movie players to watch in-seat, and satellite radio. The main attraction, though, is our advanced techniques:

  • Digital X-Rays: not only does our digital x-ray equipment vastly improve upon radiation exposure levels of traditional machines, but it also provides superior imaging, allowing us to better plan your care
  • The Wand: in place of traditional syringe-administered anesthesia, this device delivers anesthetic in an even, nearly pain-free manner that also minimizes unnecessary numbness of the tongue, cheeks, and face
  • Microsurgery: the use of microscopes allows us unparalleled visibility and precision, which for you, translates into less traumatic procedures, less pain, and faster recovery – not to mention exceptional results
  • SMILE Technique: this method enables immediate implant placement and a temporary aesthetic crown, saving not only your jawline but your smile, while your permanent tooth replacement is crafted
  • LANAP® Laser Treatment: the only FDA approved laser treatment for gum disease backed by research and human studies, LANAP® can non-invasively eliminate bacteria between teeth and gums without damaging surrounding tissue and it has even been show to aid in reversing bone loss
  • Teeth in a Day: also known as All-on-4, teeth in a day offers new permanent teeth in one day. This treatment only requires four dental implants to secure and support a new set of teeth. This can help those in need of upper and/or lower restoration.

Quite simply, Dr. Scott Kissel provides the most advanced periodontal care available to give you lasting results you can be proud of for years to come.

Trust New York Periodontist Dr. Scott Kissel and experience the difference 21st century periodontal care can make for you. Call 212.702.9088 today to schedule your consultation.

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