Advantages of Tooth Implant Microsurgery

tooth-implant-microsurgeryManhattan is a beautiful, busting center of commerce – fast-paced and filled with options, no matter what you’re looking for. But, discerning individuals know that not all options are equal, no matter how similar they may appear on the surface. Tooth implant patients have a wide selection of practitioners to turn to for their periodontal needs, but how do you know which provides the best service? The answer is simple – look a little closer.

Enhanced Visibility for Enhanced Results

Dr. Scott Kissel used to be a traditional periodontist just like many of his peers and achieved good results for his patients. It wasn’t until he was exposed to a select group of periodontists in California, Germany, and Italy, though, that he realized he could be doing even better. These practitioners achieved consistently superior results while minimizing patient discomfort and recovery time – and thus began Dr. Kissel’s journey into the world of microscopic care.

Through the use of microscopes to enhance visibility during tooth implant procedures, a wide range of benefits are unlocked, including:

  • Safer procedures with the ability to perform under local anesthesia
  • More precise positioning of implants for a better, more esthetically pleasing fit
  • Ability to use smaller instruments and, thus, smaller incisions and openings
  • Less pulling of tissue flaps and fewer stitches needed
  • Reduced pain and trauma during surgery, resulting in less bleeding and swelling
  • Greatly reduced recovery times and less risk of post-surgical complications

Granted, microsurgery may not be required in every case – Dr. Kissel will determine this in your examination – but when it is, microsurgery can provide a more comfortable experience with excellent results at no additional cost over traditional treatment options.

Manhattan tooth implant patients choose Dr. Scott Kissel for consistently excellent results with less pain and shorter recovery. Make the smart choice – call 212.702.9088 today to schedule your consultation.