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Advantages of All on 4 Implants Vs. Other Options

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All-on-4 New York CityIf you’re looking to replace an entire mouthful or arch full of teeth, either for cosmetic or functional reasons, your search has likely come down to two options: All-on-4 dental implants or traditional dentures. While both are viable options for New York City patients depending on their unique circumstances, in most cases, All on 4 treatment is hands down, the best treatment option.

Explaining the Difference Between All on 4 and Dentures

All on 4 implants are the newest, most advanced full mouth tooth replacement system on the dental market. For New York City patients who would like to replace all of their teeth, All on 4 dental implants require that:

  • Your remaining teeth are extracted;
  • Permanent dental implants are placed in your mouth; and
  • Realistic looking, zirconia-based replacement teeth are fitted on top of your dental implants.

Because All-on-4 dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement system, they are not removable, and they are designed to last a lifetime.

Dentures, on the other hand, are a traditional method of replacing an arch or entire mouthful of teeth. Dentures require that New York City residents:

  • Have any remaining teeth extracted; and
  • Are fitted with removable dentures that come out of their mouth at night;

Dentures are not permanent and require a paste, used daily, to hold them down. This paste isn’t 100% effective, though, so dentures can slip and slide as you eat at speak.

The Benefits of All on 4 Implants vs. Dentures

In addition to the benefits listed above, All-on-4s offer several other advantages over traditional dentures, including:

  • Conserving Your Jawbone Tissue.

Your natural tooth’s root stimulates jawbone tissue growth and production. When all your teeth are missing, and nothing is inserted into your jawbone, you may experience a loss of jawbone tissue called bone resorption. The titanium implants of All-on-4’s, however, mimic your tooth’s roots and provide jawbone growth and stimulation.

  • Providing New York City Patients with More Comfort.

On a day to day basis, dentures may slip and slide. Over time, due to jawbone structure changes, they may fit differently, and food may become trapped underneath them. All of these issues can make wearing dentures uncomfortable. All-on-4s, however, which are a permanently placed solution, don’t slip and slide, and many patients who have tried both tooth replacement systems report they are more comfortable than dentures.

  • Offering a More Convenient Solution

In Dr. Kissel’s professional opinion, All-on-4s are a more effective tooth replacement system for his New York City patients than dentures. Because they are permanent, they don’t have to be removed on a nightly basis; they are stronger than dentures, and that allows you the pleasure of eating and chewing anything you want; and they require the same oral hygiene routine as natural teeth, which we’re all used to.

Discussing the Possibility of All-on-4 Treatment with Dr. Kissel

We know that the decision to replace your natural teeth is not one that you come to lightly. We also recognize that our New York City patients put a lot of thought into which tooth replacement system they choose.

The best way for you to make the most informed decision is to talk to Dr. Kissel himself. To schedule a consultation with him, call us today at (212) 702-9088.

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