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The All-on-4 Implant Process: What Is Involved?

All on 4 dental implants

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If you’re considering replacing an arch or your entire mouthful of teeth, you’ve probably landed on this page because you’ve heard of a special dental implants procedure called All on 4. Offered in our New York City office, All on 4 treatment is a great way to replace missing or failing teeth or to get a complete smile makeover. And, though individual results and treatment plans vary, this amazing and life-changing procedure may be able to be performed in a single day! But, what’s involved in an All on 4 implant process? How does our periodontist and oral surgeon Dr. Kissel perform the All on 4 dental surgery if you are a candidate for this exciting new procedure? Read on to learn more.

You’ll Receive a Complete Oral Examination

Whether you only need one dental implant or an entire mouthful, every dental implant patient begins with a thorough oral examination. This is because Dr. Kissel needs to confirm whether or not you are a good candidate for All on 4 treatment now, or if you will need additional oral surgeries such as gum grafting or a sinus lift before dental implants can be placed. 

On Your Surgery Day, You’ll Be Sedated for Your Comfort

Dr. Kissel knows that dental procedures can cause anxiety and fear in his New York City patients. This is why Dr. Kissel has extensively trained in oral sedation and has an in-house anesthesiologist to administer IV  anesthesia sedation to oral surgery patients. This allows Dr. Kissel to focus entirely on treating your oral condition while having an anesthesiologist focus entirely on monitoring your sedation and condition. Getting All-on-4 treatment can be a daylong procedure, but, you can be completely asleep and unaware during the entire process. 

Your Remaining Natural Teeth Will Be Extracted

To replace an entire arch or an entire mouthful of teeth with All-on-4, Dr. Kissel’s New York City patients will need to have their remaining teeth removed first. Thankfully, these oral surgery procedures can typically be performed in one day, under sedation for your complete comfort.

Four implants Will Be Diagonally Placed Per Mouth Arch

Once your natural teeth are removed, the All-on-4 replacement process will begin. You will have 4 titanium dental implants diagonally placed per arch that are being replaced.

Your Interim Replacement Teeth Will Be Attached to Your Dental Implants

After your dental implants are placed, you will receive interim or temporary replacement teeth. These teeth will be in place for about 3 to 4 months while your titanium implants are healing and fusing to your jawbone, at which point your permanent replacement teeth will be installed by your restorative dentist.

Schedule Your All-on-4 Consultation Today

If you’re considering replacing missing teeth or having a full smile makeover to replace teeth that are unattractive and damaged beyond repair, then why wait? A consultation with Dr. Kissel in his New York City office can further explain the All-on-4 process to you, and help determine whether you are a candidate for the immediate All on 4 implant process, or if you need pre-surgeries to prepare your mouth for the placement of titanium implants.

There is a number of considerations for determining whether or not you are a candidate for dental implants and, if so, what type of dental implants are right for you. The best way for you to receive all the information you need to know about dental implants is to arrange a consultation with periodontist Dr. Kissel. During this consultation, Dr. Kissel will perform the oral examination and tests that determine what type of dental implants you are eligible for, explain the dental implant procedure to you, and answer all your questions. If you’re ready to replace your smile with natural-looking, functional dental implants, then call Dr. Kissel’s office in New York City for a consultation at (212) 702-9088 or book online.

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