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All-on-4 Dental Implants At Dr. Kissel’s New York Dental Clinic

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All-on-4® dental implants allow New York periodontist, Dr. Kissel, to provide you with an entire mouthful of dental implants while using only 4 titanium rods per upper or lower bridge. Traditionally, when most people need to replace entire sets of teeth, they turn to dentures. However, dentures don’t offer a very high level of comfort or confidence. That is why, for years now, Dr. Kissel has been offering his patients the option of replacing an entire arch of teeth with the All-on-4 treatment.  

What Does All-on-4 Involve?

In order to ensure that the All-on-4 treatment is suitable for you, Dr. Kissel takes a dental CT scan and performs diagnostic work. This will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the dental implants procedure or if you will need a pre-procedure, such as a sinus lift, before the implants are inserted. 

The next step is to use digital planning software to create custom-made, realistic-looking tooth crowns for specifically you. This allows Dr. Kissel to have all the teeth he needs available for placement on one surgery day. 

Dr. Kissel plans three-dimensionally the procedure and uses 3D surgical guides to place the implants for more accurate, safe, and ideal implant positioning as opposed to freehand implant placement. Implants can lose bone so their positioning is critical for maintaining bone and achieving an ideal restoration. After the final fixed prosthesis is placed, your All on 4 implants will feel as if they are your natural teeth and you can start using them on the day they are placed.


Only 4 Implants Needed

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The reason why only 4 implants are necessary to replace all of your upper or lower teeth is that 2 of those implants are tilted backward to avoid your sinus cavity. These implants are longer than the other 2 implants. Consequently, working together, all 4 dental implants can provide the stability needed to support all of the teeth in the upper jaw or lower jaw. Normally, two implants are placed near the front of the mouth, inserted in a nearly vertical alignment. The other two are inserted towards the back of the mouth are usually placed at a steeper angle for greater stability and support due to the increased contact with the bone of the jaw. This procedure eliminates the costly need to have an implant placed for every tooth that will be placed.

The Main Benefits of All-on-4

There are numerous benefits of choosing the All-on-4 method. These benefits are related to your oral/physical health as well as your quality of life. Here are some of the main benefits that are worth considering.

Prevention of Bone Resorption

One of the most important benefits of implants is the prevention of bone atrophy that occurs when you have missing teeth. All-on-4 implants prevent bone loss since the implants act as teeth roots and stimulate the jaw bone. This maintains your bone mass and provides strength to the area.

Increased Tooth Functionality

Since dental implants act like natural teeth, the supportive and stable base of your All-on-4 implants will enable you to have a regular diet. You will not have to deal with concerns about speech clarity, gum sensitivity, or movement of your teeth.  

Better Aesthetic Appearance & Greater Self-Confidence

Your dental implants will be covered with natural-looking tooth crowns. As a result of their natural appearance and functionality, you will feel much more confident when eating or smiling. There is no need to worry about them moving or sliding when you speak, smile, or eat. Being concerned about loose dentures moving or even falling out won’t be an issue any longer.

Easy to Maintain & More Durable

Your All-on-4 implants can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. You can continue with your normal oral care without the need or hassle for dental adhesives that are usually needed when you have traditional dentures. Since implants are usually made from titanium, they are a safe solution for your body that integrates well with your gum and bone tissue.

Long-lasting solution

All-on-4 implants that are done and cared for correctly can last a lifetime! What’s more, you won’t have to go through fitting sessions that traditional dentures require because of bone atrophy and gum recession. They should not become loose and uncomfortable over time. This denture alternative provides you with a long-lasting solution that also offers significantly greater comfort and convenience.

If you’re ready to reclaim your beautiful smile and the full functionality of your teeth, then you should consult Dr. Kissel about getting All-on-4 dental implants. During a consultation with Dr. Kissel, he will perform a complete oral examination and explain the dental implant procedure to you, including tooth removal (if needed) and dental implant placement techniques. Call us at 212-702-9088 or contact us online and schedule your consultation today!

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