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Dr. Kissel has always believed in performing quality dental implant treatments that could last a lifetime. Read what a patient from the distant past has to say about Dr. Kissel today. The following email was received by Dr. Kissel on Monday, April 05, 2021.

Hello, I was a patient of Dr. Kissel’s 16-years ago – he performed an implant of a front tooth. I’m no longer in New York – I moved to Singapore 10-years ago and for the past 7-years have been living in Vietnam — but I wanted to say that the implant has prompted raves from the dentists I’ve seen since moving to this part of the world. Just this morning, my French dentist here in Saigon looked at an x-ray and remarked that it was one of the best she’s ever seen. Whatever issue I had with my teeth that prompted my visit this morning had nothing to do with the implant (or the original crown made by Dr. Tom Magnani’s office), and it is still going strong. Thank you, Dr. Kissel, for the amazing work you did back in 2005 and that I’m sure you’re continuing to do today.

Regards, Joel W.

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