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Dental Implants Are Ideal For Adults of All Ages

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Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants and raising your quality of life as well as improving your smile should not be limited by any factors, including age. Dr. Kissel believes that dental implants should be an option for adults of all ages, which is why he uses some of the most advanced dental microsurgery techniques to achieve this. 

There are many considerations for determining whether or not you are a candidate for dental implants. However, Dr. Kissel has the expertise to perform numerous periodontal procedures, such as bone grafting, bone regeneration and a sinus lift, that can enable most adults to undergo dental implant procedures. 

Dental Implants and Age Limits

Lower Age Limit

If you lose your permanent natural teeth, there is no better option to replace them than dental implants.They behave just like natural teeth except for the fact that you won’t have to worry about cavities. It is, however, recommended that patients be over the age of 18 or with a fully developed jaw. 

Upper Age Limit

In general, dental implant procedures can be successful for patients well into their twilight years. As long as a patient’s overall health is taken into consideration, there is no upper age limit for dental implant procedures, especially, when performed by Dr. Kissel using microsurgery techniques which make the surgery and recovery time period easier and faster. This is because Dr. Kissel is able to make smaller incisions without stitches compared to the larger, more painful incisions of traditional dental implant surgery.

What Dental Implants Can Offer Individuals of All Ages


Since dental implants are just like your natural teeth, no matter what age you may be, they provide you with the convenience and confidence to continue your active social life. When people experience tooth loss, even if they replace them with dentures or bridges, they become more self-conscious about eating out, smiling or even kissing their partener. By choosing to replace missing teeth with dental implants, however, these issues are not a concern for them because they are confident that their implants will not move or fall out.  

Preserve Facial Features and Appearance

When we lose a tooth and do not replace it with an implant, the jaw bone in that area is no longer stimulated by the roots and natural chewing forces. This can lead to bone resorption. In fact, the bone begins to shrink almost immediately after we lose a tooth and a great deal of bone loss can take place within the first year (25% decrease in bone width). 

There is also the possibility that bone loss will not be limited to the area underneath the missing tooth. Bone loss can progress to the bone under healthy teeth which can result in further tooth loss and noticeably smaller jaw. As our jaw bone begins to shrink, our appearance also changes and we can experience premature ageing. Due to the lack of support from the jaw bone, the skin around our jaw and chin loses its elasticity and begins to sag and our cheeks can become sunken making us look older than we really are.

Convenient and Hustle-Free Maintenance

Dental implants, when compared to other teeth replacement options, are very low-maintenance. Implant care is exactly the same as that for your natural teeth. This means proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing them at least twice a day (preferably after every meal). Even though your implants are not susceptible to cavities, you still need to protect both your implants and gums from bacterial decay and periodontal disease. It’s also advisable to visit your dentist or oral hygienist for a preventative cleaning at least twice a year.

Contact Dr. Kissel to reclaim your beautiful smile and the full functionality of your teeth with dental implants. During a consultation, Dr. Kissel performs a complete oral examination and explains the dental implant procedure to you, including tooth removal (if needed) and dental implant placement using microsurgery techniques.

If you’re ready to replace your smile with natural-looking, functional dental implants, then call Dr. Kissel’s office in the New York City area for a consultation at (212) 702-9088 or book online.

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