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Treating Periodontal Disease with LANAP ® Laser and a Perioscope

Dr. Kissel using a microscope to perform periodontal treatments of dental implant procedures like immediate implants

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Dr. Scott Kissel in Manhattan, New York, is one of the first periodontists to offers patients LANAP laser treatment performed with a Perioscope (a powerful surgical microscope) which displays magnified images (24-48x) on a video screen. The magnified images allow him to treat periodontal disease more effectively and can also avert the need for invasive gum surgery.

Why Use LANAP® Protocol Laser Therapy To Fight Gum Disease

LANAP stands for “Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure” and it is an extremely precise laser that targets and eliminates bacteria between the gum and teeth.  Dr. Kissel has received training in the use of the PerioLase® MVP-7™ which is a powerful dental laser with the only FDA-accepted laser protocol for gum disease treatment. This highly advanced dental tool features digital technology and 7 pulse durations (the most available on the market today) and has the power to provides periodontists with the versatility to perform a wide range of laser procedures. Best of all for periodontitis or gum disease patients, because there’s no scalpel involved, you don’t require incisions to remove tissue and bacteria, and you preserve more of your healthy gum tissue.

The LANAP laser enables Dr. Kissel to destroy bacteria and diseased tissue and encourage reattachment of gum tissue and bone regeneration without cutting or sutures. Consequently, his patients experience significantly less discomfort since the tooth nerves can be avoided during the procedure. This results in less pain during and after the procedure. Furthermore, since less gum tissue is removed, less new tissue needs to grow back, so your recovery will be much shorter than other methods.

The Benefits of Combining LANAP ® and The Perioscope

With the aid of this powerful microscope, Dr. Kissel is able to see clearly any tartar you may have directly on the root of the affected tooth in large detail and remove it in a more efficient and meticulous manner. When combining the LANAP® laser with the Perioscope, Dr. Kissel is able to thoroughly remove more tartar and significantly increase the likelihood of reattachment of gum tissue or regeneration of bone to your tooth. 

Maximize Removal of Tartar While Protecting Gum Tissue

Traditional periodontal techniques leave up to 40% of the plaque/calculus behind but when an experienced clinician like Dr. Kissel uses a perioscope in conjunction with the LANAP laser, much more of the debris can be removed thereby maximizing the body’s ability to heal itself and regenerate tissues. Complications do not easily occur with the LANAP® laser, but can with other surgical procedures. Of course, using the microscope is invaluable when it is absolutely necessary for your periodontist to remove as much plaque/calculus and protect healthy gum tissue at the same time.

Regenerate Bone and Gum Tissue

If excessive plaque/calculus deposits remain behind, it is less likely that you’ll obtain regeneration of tissues. In such cases, what usually occurs is a “repair” healing response – which does not result in bone regeneration, and the gum tissue connection to the tooth is more of an adhesion. The goal Dr. Kissel strives to achieve is “regeneration” of the bone and gum tissue – here bone is regenerated and the gum tissue “inserts” into the tooth root (not an adhesion). This is the type of biology that is present prior to the development of gum disease.

As a result of combining LANAP® laser treatment with the perioscope, Dr. Kissel is able to restore your gums and teeth and avoid the need to replace the affected teeth. Likewise, gum and bone tissue can be grown back naturally over time without the need for grafting in new tissue.

Consult With Dr. Kissel About This Revolutionary Treatment

To better understand the difference between traditional gum surgery and laser gum surgery with a microscope, it is important to educate yourself on the benefits and potential outcomes associated with each procedure. To determine if you are a candidate for LANAP ® Protocol laser therapy with a microscope, you should schedule a periodontal exam with Dr. Kissel at his Manhattan, New York clinic at (212) 702-9088 or contact him online. Dr. Kissel will develop a personalized gum disease treatment program to save your teeth and help you reclaim your beautiful smile.

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