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Dr. Kissel, Manhattan Periodontist, is Trained to Perform the Pinhole Technique

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Recently Dr. Kissel was the first Manhattan periodontist to be trained and certified to perform the Pinhole Technique. This technique is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat gum tissue recession that does not involve obtaining tissue from the palate.

The Pinhole Technique was developed by Dr. John Chao in 2006. Dr. Chao uses a surgical microscope when he teaches this technique to other dental professional as he recognizes the many benefits of magnification.

Dr. Kissel is very comfortable utilizing this technique for several reasons. For almost 20 years his practice has focused extensively on treating gingival recession and he has treated thousands of patients with this condition. In addition, Dr. Kissel has used a surgical microscope for the past decade to treat his patients. Finally, this is a rather simple technique. There are many microscope assisted minimally invasive techniques to treat gingival recession and the Pinhole technique can now be added to that list of procedures. It is important to recognize that not every tooth is a candidate for the Pinhole technique. No one surgical modality is best at treating all circumstances.

Dr. Kissel is a highly skilled microsurgical periodontal specialist and is therefore an expert in addressing gingival recession problems. He is able to predictably treat this condition by first determining an accurate periodontal diagnosis and from that identifying the most appropriate surgical treatment to address the problem. You can feel confident that Dr. Kissel’s recommendations for treatment will be minimally invasive and suitable for your particular situation. He looks forward to treating his patients using this exciting new technique.

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