Tooth Extraction with Periodontal Microsurgery vs. Traditional Techniques

microsurgeryMany traditions are good. They provide a sense of richness to culture and wisdom from generations past. When it comes to tooth extraction, though, traditional methods conjure up thoughts of pain and dentists muscling teeth out of the mouth that we’d probably all rather forget. Thankfully, New York tooth extraction patients have a different option now. Periodontal microsurgery has changed the way many periodontists approach tooth extraction and the benefit to you is a more precise removal with less pain.

How is Microsurgery Different from Other Methods?

As its name suggests, microsurgery is performed with the assistance of a microscope. The greatly enhanced visibility this provides allows for smaller incisions, smaller instruments, and ultimately, a smoother extraction. Where traditional methods resort to brute force or gum and bone surgery to gain better access to a tooth, microsurgery enables observation of the specific movements of the root and subtle reshaping the tooth will allow for easy removal through the path of least resistance.

Some of the benefits of this method over traditional methods are:

  • Reduced need for IV sedation
  • No trauma to adjacent bone, gums, and teeth
  • Little to no pain
  • Immediate return to normalcy
  • Faster healing
  • Less risk of complications

With traditional methods, even a “gentler” extraction can leave patients with a good deal of pain and damage to gum tissue and surrounding teeth. Microsurgical methods might not be ideal subject matter for funny stories about the past, but they certainly do make all the difference in your comfort and improved dental health.

Don’t suffer through another painful tooth pulling. Let New York tooth extraction expert Dr. Scott Kissel show you the difference micro surgery can make in your dental care. Call 212.702.9088 today to schedule your consultation.