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Get Useful Advice About How Long After Dental Implant Surgery You Can Eat Normally

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As you’ve likely heard, one of the best benefits of teeth implants is the fact that they provide patients with complete oral freedom. That means they allow men and women to eat anything they wish—hard foods, crunchy foods, spicy foods—all without worry! But how long does it take after your teeth implant surgery before you eat the way you want to? This is a question Dr. Kissel frequently asked, so we want to take the time now to give you some insight into what you can expect after you have your teeth implants placed at our New York City periodontal office.

Dietary Restrictions Immediately Following the Placement of Your Teeth Implants

Because Dr. Kissel normally employs the use of microsurgery techniques when placing teeth implants, the post-surgical experience is usually uneventful. Additionally, the overall recovery period is much shorter than the traditional methods used for teeth implant placement.

When it comes to dietary restrictions after your teeth implants have been placed, don’t worry. The dietary restrictions you’ll experience after your procedure will be very short-lived and are not too incredibly restrictive. However, these measures are put into place in order to protect your new implants and your gums as the implants fuse to the jawbone, so be careful to follow Dr. Kissel’s recommendations.

Dr. Kissel recommends avoiding eating foods that put too much pressure on the implants and gum tissue for a few days following your implant surgery. Instead, patients should eat foods that are soft during this initial portion of the recovery period. However, this doesn’t mean you should only eat ice cream and milkshakes during your recovery. It’s important to keep good nutrition in place while recovering from your procedure, so consider soft foods and liquids like these in the days immediately following your surgery:

water hearty soups scrambled eggs pudding or custard
mashed bananas Greek yogurt Jell-O ripe avocado
fruit or vegetable juices frozen yogurt boiled eggs hummus or cottage cheese
bone broths mashed potatoes herbal tea pasta
protein shakes pureed soup applesauce instant oatmeal
milkshakes canned fruit tofu flaky fish

Returning to a Normal Diet After Teeth Implant Surgery

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Because teeth implants are surgically placed into the jawbone for a permanent tooth-replacement option, they will be strong and secure and won’t slip and slide around your mouth when you resume a normal diet. However, as every patient is different and every patient requires a different treatment plan when you can eat normally after your teeth implant surgery will be specific to you. Typically, most patients can begin eating a full, normal diet within one week after their surgery. Be sure to keep your follow-up appointments with Dr. Kissel so he can assess how you are healing and determine when your implants are ready to receive the physical pressure a normal diet brings.

Contact Dr. Kissel with Any Question Regarding Your Teeth Implants

Teeth implants are truly the best and most trustworthy tooth-replacement system on the market. By investing in the most advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Kissel can provide his patients with a brand new, fully functional smile quickly and painlessly. That means that you can get back to enjoying life as you did when all of your natural teeth were healthy.

If you like to learn more about dental implants, you should consult with a qualified implant specialist like Dr. Kissel. If you are New York City resident, you can reclaim your beautiful smile and the full functionality of your teeth by booking your dental implant consultation with Dr. Kissel. During a consultation, he will perform a complete oral examination and explain the dental implant procedure to you, including tooth removal (if needed) and dental implant placement to ensure minimal trauma to the surgical site. Schedule your consultation today at his Manhattan periodontal office between E 52nd St. and E 53rd St.

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