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Several New Innovations in Periodontics

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I have just returned to Manhattan from the annual American Academy of Periodontology meeting in Washington D.C. The meeting often includes programming on advancing technologies in periodontics and educational programs for all levels of experience. Everything at the meeting focuses on advancing the field and disseminating information to the diaspora of periodontics professionals. I wanted to provide an update on several new innovations in periodontics and implant dentistry.

  1. Medtronics will soon be offering Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (BMP-2 on a collagen sponge) for sinus augmentations. They will also offer localized alveolar ridge augmentation for defects associated with extraction sites. This protein commonly found in the body in small amounts will soon be available to treat significant 2-3 tooth defects. BMP2 will obviate the need for membrane placement, bone grafts and upregulate the body’s ability to produce bone over a shorter period of time. I will keep you informed of this exciting development.
  2. Nobel Biocare will soon be launching a new implant design called Nobel Active. This design is very similar to another implant commonly used in Israel but with the prosthetic versatility of Replace Select. This new design has many advantages over the Nobel Replace Select, and I am very interested in reviewing its clinical and histological studies. This has many interesting implications for the advancement of periodontics.
    • It has an internal connection in combination with a conical seal. This type of interface will significantly limit the amount of bacterial colonization at the abutment/implant interface and therefore reduce the risk of peri-implantitis.
    • This implant is also designed, so the abutment is placed more medially in the implant thereby allowing the biologic width to establish is such a way avoiding crestal bone loss to the first thread.
    • The thread design is much more aggressive allowing for excellent primary stability. This will lead to more immediate provisionalization in sites typically not ideal candidates for such treatment.
  3. A day devoted to Microscopic Periodontics and Implant Dentistry reconfirmed my experiences with microscopic techniques and minimally invasive. Sessions on bone regeneration, connective tissue grafts, and implant dentistry showed conservative surgical procedures with excellent results, minimal to no discomfort and fast healing.  I am proud to say that my Manhattan office has been practicing these techniques already, this is truly the future of periodontics
  4. I also attended a session on medication, and I learned a number of useful and interesting things about some common over-the-counter medications that you may be interested in learning. Did you know:
    • The maximum analgesic dose of Ibuprofen is a 400-500mg dose, and the maximum inflammatory dose is 800mg dose
    • The starch and talcum powder in the Ibuprofen tablet does not dissolve in water, but the drug binds to the powder. Therefore one 800mg tablet of Ibuprofen has a greater blood level than two 400mg tablets.
    • NSAID can inhibit the cardio protective effects of aspirin. Therefore, do not take aspirin any earlier than 8 hours after a NSAID and no earlier than 1 hr before taking a NSAID.

All of these discoveries are exciting and interesting new technologies and techniques in the field of periodontics. I continue my mission to be at the forefront of this field and to provide that advanced level of care to all of my patients from my Manhattan practice.

Patients in the Manhattan area are encouraged to call my office at (212) 702-9088 for a consultation. We provide the highest level of care with the most advanced techniques in the periodontics field, and you can be sure that we bring that quality to you just as we have done for so many others.

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