Success Rate for Manhattan Tooth Implant Patients

tooth-implantDental implants are a natural-looking tooth replacement option that provides the same functionality as your existing teeth and prevents bone resorption.

Dr. Kissel recommends tooth implant procedures in part because of these benefits. Another major reason: the durability that the treatment method offers.

Learn how long you can expect your tooth implant to last and the factors that make it an effective solution for tooth replacement.

How Durable Is a Tooth Implant?

Our practice notes an extremely low failure rate of 2% or less for Manhattan tooth implant patients.

This is particularly impressive given the wear-and-tear to which your teeth are exposed. Unlike with dentures, you can expect to use your replacement teeth in the same way as your existing teeth. There are no special dietary restrictions and no extra care measures you have to take beyond brushing, flossing, and dental checkups.

What Makes a Tooth Implant Durable?

Tooth implants offers advantages over both dental bridges and dentures. Those options rely on a connection with adjacent teeth or adhesion to the gums. Over time, bridges and dentures exert force on other areas of your mouth, causing further damage. They also don’t replace the root of the missing tooth, which means that the bone in your mouth and jaw can begin to erode.

In a tooth implant procedure, Dr. Kissel creates a new tooth root that sits below the gum line. He attaches a crown to this tooth root to help you achieve a full and complete smile.

Dental implants bond with the bone in your mouth and jaw to create a strong, stable foundation. In a period of about four months, this bond grows strong enough that the crown can function just as well as your own teeth.

Outcomes for Manhattan Tooth Implant Patients

The durable nature of the dental implant, combined with the fact that implants preserve bone in the mouth, means that your smile will be protected for years.

Consider a tooth implant as a permanent replacement option, one that lasts as long as any other tooth in your mouth. Results are immediate because Dr. Kissel often connects the crown to the implant on the same day, and recovery is very manageable with little downtime.

If you are interested in a durable solution to missing or damaged teeth contact Dr. Scott Kissel, your Manhattan tooth implant expert, today. Call 212-702-9088 or contact us online for a consultation.