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What Are My Options After Losing A Tooth?

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Teeth Implants New York City New York City residents who have lost a tooth are often looking for a tooth replacement option so that they can rebuild their smile and regain the ability to chew food effectively. But, what options does a New York City resident have when they have lost a tooth? In the past, many people decided to get dental bridges; today dental implants are a new solution for replacing missing teeth. Read on as New York City periodontist Dr. Kissel explains both tooth replacement options to help you decide which solution is right for you.

Dental Bridges

In years past, if you lost a tooth, you would likely receive a dental bridge. This tooth replacement option involves drilling down the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth or teeth (which are sometimes referred to as your “anchor teeth”) and placing crowns over them. These crowns secure a fake tooth in between them, which is placed at the spot of your missing tooth.

While a dental bridge can help restore your smile and give you back the ability to chew, it is only attached via crowns, meaning it isn’t a permanent solution and may need to be replaced. Additionally, it does not anchor into your jawbone, leaving you at risk for developing bone resorption, a condition in which the jawbone shrinks due to a missing tooth. New York City dental patients who develop bone resorption may also experience recessed gums and sunken cheeks, making them look older than their actual age.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are not only a newer solution for replacing missing teeth; they are considered the best option for doing so. With dental implants, a titanium rod is placed in the jawbone of the missing tooth. Because this rod is inserted into your jawbone, it stimulates jawbone growth the same way your natural tooth root would, and prevents bone resorption from occurring. The titanium rod also fuses with the jawbone, making dental implants a permanent solution for tooth replacement. To provide aesthetic appeal, the titanium rod is covered with a natural looking tooth crown, giving you back your beautiful smile.

In addition to protecting your jawbone and giving you a nice aesthetic appearance, New York City dental patients favor dental implants because they do not affect adjacent teeth. When you receive dental implants from a New York City periodontist like Dr. Kissel, your remaining teeth will not be touched or worked on at all – leaving you with as much natural oral functionality as possible.

Choosing Between Dental Bridges and Dental Implants

With all the benefits of dental implants, it’s easy to see how this new tooth replacement option outweighs receiving a dental bridge. But, only you, in consultation with your New York City periodontist, can make the right decision for your unique case.

If you have a missing tooth, it’s great to begin performing research online, because it helps you generate a list of questions to ask your periodontist. But, no amount of Google research can replace having a direct conversation with Dr. Kissel himself.

If you are looking at tooth replacement options, we highly recommend that you contact Dr. Kissel in his New York City offices for a consultation and oral examination at (212) 702-9088.

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