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Why Are Dental Implants A Better Option Than Traditional Dentures?

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Manhattan residents who are missing most or all of their teeth, or whose teeth cannot be salvaged, have two teeth replacement options – dentures and dental implants. While in the past, dentures were the only solution for a total mouth replacement, today, dental implants are providing patients in Manhattan with complete mouth restorations that look and act more like natural teeth. Continue reading to learn more about dentures and dental implants, including why Manhattan periodontist Dr. Kissel prefers dental implants for his patients.

All About Dentures

When you think of dentures, you may have images of false teeth on your grandmother’s bathroom counter. And that’s because dentures, which are a full arch of completely removable teeth, used to be the go-to solution for replacing a full jaw or full mouth of missing teeth. These false teeth, which are secured daily with a paste, provide Manhattan residents who are missing all their teeth with a smile that adds confidence. However, when eating, smiling, or even speaking, dentures can move and slip, causing embarrassing situations. Because of this, Manhattan residents with dentures are advised not to eat tough, crunchy, or chewy foods, which commonly lead to denture slippage.

In addition to their tendency to slip, dentures do not address missing tooth complications such as bone resorption. Bone resorption, or the shrinking of your jawbone, occurs when your teeth, or more specifically, your teeth’s roots, are no longer in place to stimulate the growth of your jawbone. As your jawbone begins to shrink, your gums can also recede, resulting in your cheeks sinking in. All in all, not only is bone resorption a condition that jeopardizes your oral health, but the sinking in of your cheeks can actually make your face appear older than you are.

Finally, dentures require an entire arch of teeth to be missing to be placed. This means that even if you are missing most of your teeth but still have some healthy ones, the healthy teeth will need to be removed for the dentures to be placed.

All About Dental Implants

Dental implants are a better tooth replacement option that many Manhattan residents are turning toward. With dental implants, a titanium rod is inserted into your mouth. This rod eventually fuses with your jawbone, acting as a tooth root and making dental implants a permanent, non-removable tooth replacement option. To provide you with a pleasant smile, dental implants are covered with realistic-looking crowns that also feel like natural teeth. As a result, you have a smile that not only looks real but functions realistically too, so that you can eat all your favorite foods without the risk of damaging your dental implants or having them move or shift.

In addition to providing Manhattan residents with a permanent, non-removable solution for tooth replacement, dental implants also prevent bone resorption. This makes dental implants a healthier tooth replacement option. Finally, the titanium rods to which tooth crowns are attached can support 1 or multiple crowns. This means that if you are missing most of your teeth but still have some healthy ones, you can keep your remaining healthy teeth – an option that improves your overall oral health – while limiting the number of titanium rods that need to be inserted, thus reducing your total amount of oral surgery. Together, all these aspects of dental implants make them a better choice for tooth replacement than dentures for Manhattan patients.

Learning More About Dental Implants

If you’d like to learn more about dental implants, and why they are better for you than dentures, then we highly recommend you speak with Manhattan periodontist Dr. Kissel yourself. Dr. Kissel has more than 20 years of experience placing dental implants for full mouth restorations and can explain the entire procedure to you and answer all of your questions.

There is a number of considerations for determining whether or not you are a candidate for dental implants and, if so, what type of dental implants are right for you. The best way for you to receive all the information you need to know about dental implants is to arrange a consultation with periodontist Dr. Kissel. During this consultation, Dr. Kissel will perform the oral examination and tests that determine what type of dental implants you are eligible for, explain the dental implant procedure to you, and answer all your questions. If you’re ready to replace your smile with natural-looking, functional dental implants, then call Dr. Kissel’s office in New York City for a consultation at (212) 702-9088 or book online.

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